Pedro Barbosa talks about his new EP ‘Lock Me Down’

An interview with Pedro Barbosa

On August 14, Pedro Barbosa released his latest EP ‘Lock Me Down’. The EP comes as a follow-up to last year’s ‘Journey to Reborn’ EP and the first video single from the EP for the track ‘Lock Me Down’ in June 2020. Besides ‘Latin Song’, the whole EP was written and recorded between April and June, during the South African lockdown. ‘Latin Song’ was written and recorded in 2018, and features The Barbosa Experience.

Similar to older stuff, the album was produced by Mark Beling. The EP also features a remix of ‘Crazy Love Is’ done by Hugo Villanova, a DJ from Portugal. Thematically, ‘Lock Me Down’ is a reflection on the thoughts and feelings we all experienced during the lockdown so everyone should be able to identify in one way or another.

I caught up with Pedro Barbosa to talk about the new EP, his lockdown experience, and his future plans.

First, how are you and what have you been up to during the first half of this crazy year? 

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to do the interview! Well, till March I was playing quite a few gigs and working on my latest EP. After that, basically I focused on the EP and did some video editing courses online as well as worked on myself; physically and emotionally. 

Awesome! So, you’ve just released a new EP (in the lockdown!). Tell me a bit about the process of putting this together. Who worked with you, who wrote the lyrics, etc. 

The EP’s recording process started in January 2020. I was recording at Mark Beling’s studio, the producer of the EP. With the lockdown, we had to change the process and I had to record some stuff at home and send it to him, and he would send the production back. I wrote all the songs on the EP, and he would give me input on the recordings and would track the instruments at his studio. It was an interesting period. The EP was only suppose to be three songs and ended up being seven. I think I had too much time on my hands and with being inside my head so much, I had a lot more to say than initially expected. 

Pedro Barbosa

Is there a theme running through this new work? 

Unlike the previous two albums, no. There was a sequence in terms of the song order. I wanted to express what I went through in lockdown in terms of energy, so the EP starts kinda happy and drops down and then ends on a happy note. Kinda what I was faced with during the lockdown period, emotionally. 

And what do you hope people will take from this new offering?

Like all the other songs and CDs, I hope they relate to the songs and find some comfort and inspiration in them. It’s important for me to know people click with a song and it has meaning to them. 

Absolutely. So, you’ve also released a music video for ‘Lock Me Down’. Tell me about that.

Yes, that was a interesting video! I decided I wanted to involve my social media followers on the video, so I asked people to send me videos of what they have been doing during the lockdown. I selected some and edited them into the music video. It was a fun project. And to see what people were doing during lockdown was interesting. 

Very cool! You have won some awards and have been nominated for a couple too, over the last year. What was it for and how did you enter these international comps? 

I keep on forgetting all the nominations and what we have won. I know we won Best Love Song with ‘Crazy Love Is’ and placed second on Adult Contemporary on the International Songwriting Competition. We also won Best Love Song on the UK Songwriting Competition. I was nominated for best Pop Song for ‘Filling Up’ and Best Music Video for ‘Crazy Love Is’ at the International Portuguese Music Awards. Also placed second in Adult Contemporary on the Unsigned Only Competition in 2019 for ‘Crazy Love Is’! There were a few nominations and prizes on other competitions but these were the top competitions.


Wow, amazing! So, as an artist, how have you experienced the lockdown so far?

To be honest, before the lockdown I was doing over 20 shows a month, so it was kind of a blessing to take a step back and focus on myself for a change. I really found a lot of meaning in that. I am thankful I got the opportunity to reflect in life and focus on other things other than working. It was hard to adapt, and not have an income, but on the other side, it was time to reflect and act on changes needed; so for that, I’m very thankful and glad I took the time to do positive things. 

Have you done any livestream shows yet? If so, how are you experiencing this new way of entertainment. If not, do you plan on doing so? 

I did right at the beginning of lockdown; I created this concept to raise funds for the venues I regularly played for to try and get some money for the staff. The response was amazing at most venues and I was impressed and happy about it. It is weird and different, I haven’t really done many live streams after that. It’s weird not to hear a clap, but also its great cause you focus more on what you are playing and not on who is listening.

So, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Promote the new EP, I have a new project with a DJ from Portugal that will hopefully be completed soon, and also do some gigs and enjoy life as much as I can. Oh, and I need some beach time for sure!

‘Lock Me Down’ is out now available across all digital platforms.

Watch ‘Lock Me Down’

Photos by Suzanne De Beer

Complete list of awards and nominations from publicist


International Songwriting Competition (ISC USA)

Adult Contemporary Category

#2 Crazy Love Is – Pedro Barbosa

Sing Your Heart Out / Love Songs

#1 Crazy Love Is – Pedro Barbosa



International Portugese Music Awards

Best Music Video NOMINEE

Pedro Barbosa – Crazy Love Is



UK Songwriting Contest

Love Songs Winner

Crazy Love Is – Pedro Barbosa



Unsigned Only Music Competition

Vocal Performance

#2 Crazy Love Is – Perdro Barbosa

Adult Contemporary FINALIST

Crazy Love Is – Pedro Barbosa



International Songwriting Awards

Male Singer-Songwriter

#1 Pedro Barbosa



International Portugese Music Awards

Best Pop Performance NOMINEE

Filling Up – Pedro Barbosa



International Portugese Music Awards

2020 IPMA Azores Airlines People’s Choice Award NOMINEE



Unsigned Only Music Competition

Adult Contemporary – SEMI FINALIST

Lock Me Down – Pedro Barbosa

Vocal Perfomance – SEMI FINALIST

Lock Me Down – Pedro Barbosa

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