RAE.chil Releases Unapologetic New Album

RAE.chil wants to empower women with ‘Illicit’ 

I have been told by a few male followers to make my music less seductive as it is not ladylike, which had me wondering why such a natural thing is deemed as unladylike. I used that message as a way to be unapologetic about the needs of a woman, and to break social norms around how women should behave.

RAE.chil is a small-town girl from Oudtshoorn, but you can find her in Cape Town where she’s always exploring the various music cultures the city has to offer. She has recently released a brand-new album ‘Illicit’.

RAE.chil has always had a love for poetry to express herself, and turning this love into music came naturally. Her signature genre is contemporary R&B with a touch of neo-soul. Her music is often explicit, but not for the sake of being trendy, but rather to break taboos about women not having the same needs as men. With the new album, RAE.chil wants to empower women, giving them music they can relate to, and for the rest of the listeners to understand their needs.

I have found a way to empower women and hopefully have others see women as equals with the same needs as men.

With topics such as equality for women and independency, ‘Illicit’ is a strong piece of work that does much more than just offering good songs. A powerful album.

With ‘Illicit’, it is evident that she has evolved from a shy girl into an artist who believes in her craft. Keep your eyes on her journey!

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