Upcoming Artist Robbie Perrott Releases Debut Album

Robbie Perrott

Robbie Perrott releases ‘Hypersleep’

“I like to describe it as ‘psychoanalysis for the dancefloor’.” – Robbie Perrott

23-year-old Durban-based musician and producer Robbie Perrott has just released his debut album ‘Hypersleep’. The 11-track offering tells the story of a young man’s search for meaning in life in a difficult world. Robbie describes the dreamy album as a dedication to the quietly heroic part of all of us that strives to be better despite life’s hardships and our own shortcomings.

The feedback around his debut offering has been very satisfying so far. Robbie comments that he spent an absurd amount of time working on creating ‘Hypersleep’ and writing lyrics packed with meaning, and his listeners have picked up on this, which is very gratifying.

Robbie Perrot

The making of ‘Hypersleep’

The album was recorded during Robbie’s last three years at UCT, 2017 to 2019, in many different bedrooms across the country, including his home in Durban, a small rondawel in the Drakensberg, and his digs in Cape Town. Robbie did the recordings, producing and mixing by himself.

“Making the album was an incredibly rewarding, dreamy process. Most of the songs were born out of marathon recording sessions that could go on for days. The best part of making the album is driving around at night playing the songs at full volume.” – Robbie Perrott

I’m looking forward to seeing Robbie on stages around the country as soon as the events industry gets the green light!

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