Auth3ntiC Launches Bold New Album [Interview]


Auth3ntiC launches independent career with ‘Do Your Own Thing’

Multi-talented South African artist and producer Auth3ntiC has recently released his debut album ‘Do Your Own Thing’. With this brand-new offering he launches an independent career in the South African music scene. ‘Do Your Own Thing’ was created from the foundation of hip hop, which is his first love, and mixed with other genres like Afro pop, R&B and more.

I caught up with the man behind the music to find out more about the album and his plans going forward.

You’ve just released your debut album ‘Do Your Own Thing’ – congrats! Please tell me a bit about the journey of putting this new work together.

It wasn’t always easy. Having to work with different characters, different opinions, different schedules, and different mindsets made the creation a bit more difficult, yet it brought a lot of inspiration.

This is a collaborative work. Tell me about the artists you’ve worked with on this album and why you’ve decided to collaborate with them specifically.

Let me answer the “why” first… talent and potential, because this album is all about who I believe really has what it takes to be in the music industry and compete in it. And the who, to name a few: Lizz Kalo, talented singer and songwriter, who I’ve wanted to test musically, especially after the human empowerment song that we did. I knew that this is one artist I’d like to work with. Side Effex, an artist and producer who has done so much for the industry, yet hasn’t received the proper recognition for his craft, which I believe he deserves. That King Nimz, rapper and producer and multi-talented individual with a good ear. Chad Jubber, a talented pop artist who is going to take the country by storm. And Blcvkstvr, whose song really hit home.

That’s amazing. So, tell me, is there a theme running through the album? If so, what is it about and what does it mean to you?

Just like the title says, ‘Do Your Own Thing’, it is all about us telling our own story in our own style without waiting for the next person to tell it for us. Coming from a background where I always pushed other artists, I decided to do my own thing and put my craft first. This is my first album executively produced by me.

Amazing! So, what do you hope people will take from this album?

The first thing I want people to take away from this is that it’s possible to do things by yourself; It’s possible to succeed in doing something you love. If you are passionate about something, you keep going no matter how difficult things get. The second thing I want people to take away is that there’s more talent out there then what you see or hear on tv and radio.

You’ve released the album on the 26th. Did you do anything special?  

It’s lockdown and, unfortunately, there’s nothing much that we can do but abide by the rules to stay safe. I do have a few things coming up which I can promise is going to be nothing but entertainment. They just have to follow, subscribe and like.


How have you as an artist experienced the lockdown so far?

It’s been difficult because there’s not much that we can do. I wanted to host a launch party for my album and a listening session, but I couldn’t. I can’t do live interviews, which I was looking forward to, being my first album. But I guess all we can do is just be patient.

What else have you been working on right now and what do you hope to do once this lockdown is all over?

I have an R&B album that I’ve produced coming up, as well as videos, a limited-edition album, merch and collaborations with other brands (To name drop, Puly’s Cupcakes).

Awesome, so what would you like to say to other artists who are really having a hard time right now?

Stay safe, stay sane and keep cooking. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Always believe in yourself and believe in your craft. Place music first, because she’s one selfish lady.

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