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SonOfOld dances alone in his weirdly wonderful music video for ‘Saturday Night’

‘Saturday Night’ is a creative collab between SonOfOld’s Nic Olsen and musician/producer Daniel Baskin. The single had an extra lyrical and musical spice added to the mix by composer Sean Ross from Cape Town and copywriter Mitch Prinsloo from Johannesburg. The song was born while all four were cooped up in a studio with a little too much beer – just losing oneself in good creative vibes.

The video for the new single was also a collaborative work between SonOfOld, South African musician, photographer and videographer Cornell Meyer and American singer-songwriter and artist Thomas Snively III who, with the assistance of his partner Uli Albrecht, cut in low-fi imagery to compliment a performance to no-one.

I caught up with SonOfOld to talk about the new release and life in lockdown.

First, how are you and what have you been up to during this crazy year so far?

I am well. I have been working hard on promoting my new singles and preparing for the album release later this year. As everyone else, many adjustments and life plans still being figured out.  

So, you’ve recently released a new music video (in the lockdown!). Tell me a bit about the process of putting this together.

The video started as a performance to no one in a theatre (that was obviously empty). The performance was shot by Cornell Meyer a good friend of mine who shot the video for the first single from the upcoming album. I then have a musician / artist friend of mine Thom Snively III offer to add some kind of Instagramish imagery to the performance after I had told him how much I enjoyed his Instagram stories. He then edited in his videos with his girlfriend and that was that. I think the video suits the song nicely. But that’s just me. 

Absolutely! And when did you write the song and what is it all about?

‘Saturday Night’ was written with a friend of mine Daniel Baskin along with Sean Ross (MISSU-Synths)  and Mitch Prinsloo (Lyrics) in a studio I co-owned with Daniel during, I think, 2017. The song is kind of a care-free take on 80s synth pop.  


You are also releasing an album soon! Tell me about that: When is the release, who’s working with you, is there a central theme, etc.

Yes the new album is out on 23 October 2020 with Gallo Records. I have yet to put a band together but will make a plan as soon as circumstances permit. The album is a collection of songs written over the past few years. There is no central theme. It’s pretty emo in its own right. I’m really excited about it .   

And what do you hope people will take from this new offering?

Well, the album is pretty diverse, which I think makes for an interesting listen. I have no idea how people are going to react to the record. I’m very happy with it and those who have heard it have reacted well, so let’s see. 

As an artist, how have you experienced the lockdown so far?

Well, I have learnt a lot about promoting music online and social media in general, having been offline for some time. It has been a strange time (as for everyone) with uncertainty about everything. Although, in my opinion, nothing good ever comes creatively when everything is okay. 

And have you done any livestream shows yet? If so, how are you experiencing this new way of entertainment. If not, do you plan on doing so?

I have live streamed informally about three times. Mostly late at night and not really to promote myself but more to just test the waters.  I will inevitably have to engage a little more in this department.

Lastly, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Taking life a day at a time. 

Watch ‘Saturday Night’

‘SonOfOld – Saturday Night’ is out now across all digital platforms.

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