Southern Gypsey Queen At Park Acoustics [Interview]

Southern Gypsey Queen

Park Acoustics, 2 February 2020

Pringles proudly invites you to the first Parks of the decade and the launch of their ’10 years of Park Acoustics’ celebration year!

Come join in the fun at the first Park Acoustics of the new decade with ultimate indie all-stars Desmond & the Tutus, the mighty Early B, legendary Koos Kombuis, Jozi Rock ‘n Roll boys, Hellcats, blues-rock veterans Southern Gypsey Queen and Bronkhorstpruit hero, Ruiter Piet en die Partytjie!


I caught up with Gareth Wilson, guitarist and vocalist of Southern Gypsey Queen, to find out what they have been up to lately and what they have planned for the first Park Acoustics of the year:

A new decade is here! Tell me about the last 10 years for you as a band. What have been some highlights and some shows that will stay with you forever?

Ah man, there were some fantastic shows and tours. I think our 10-year Oppikoppi set with all our friends on stage was a highlight, the collab tours with Albert Frost was really special, touring with the Springboks and playing all the major stadiums was weird but also pretty exciting. The Dirty Sexy Rock and Roll tours with Shadowclub were also pretty filthy and raucous. Last year, our set at Up the creek was definitely my favourite in a long time.

Awesome! For a while, though, we didn’t see you perform much. But you’re slowly getting back into it! Can we expect more in 2020?

To be completely honest, we aren’t really too sure where we are going with it all but we are having a whale of a time playing shows again and the plan is to really try and get some new material written this year. As far as shows go, if you book them they will come.

Indeed. I saw you’re also on Instagram now 😊 Looking like you’re back in it for good! Any new music any time soon?

Hahaha, I don’t think we will ever stop playing or writing for SGQ. Our lives have all changed so much and we have gone very different routes but when we get on stage, it feels the same as it did all those years ago. It would be a treat if we could write an album this year and if time and other projects allow it, then hell yeah!

Southern Gypsey Queen

You’ve been around for more than 10 years. What is it that keeps you guys together?

Verging on 20 years now, actually. Look, after Paul died we didn’t have it in us to play for a couple of years, so we were in limbo for some time and it very much went from a career to a hobby and in some ways, that has brought the fun element back in a big way. That been said, early days and now, we have always been homies who love making music together and have lots of fun doing it. I think that is what keeps us going on.

Now on to Park Acoustics. How many of the PA events have you played? And what, for you, makes Park Acoustics special? 

I don’t actually know how many we have done, at least 4 or 5 with SGQ and then a bunch with our other projects as well. It is always a great afternoon of music and the audience are always great to perform to.

Southern Gypsey Queen

For anyone who has never seen you perform, what are they about to experience with your set at this PA?

We play good old-fashioned rock n roll and we like to think the performance is honest and sincere and, hopefully, loud as fuck.

Why should anyone who has never been to Park Acoustics, come to this one?

Well, aren’t the Hellcats also there? What a band.

Haha, yes! Lastly, what else do you really want to do this year?

We really enjoyed playing the smaller clubs and bars last year and want to do more of that. We are also working on a kick-ass acoustic set again, we want to be able to play in all types of spaces and connect with our audience in different ways.


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