Van Pletzen Releases Love & Legehness [Interview]

Van Pletzen

Van Pletzen talks about new album

“It has been said that AFRIKAANS IS GROOT, but the time has come to make AFRIKAANS KAKGROOT!”

Van Pletzen is back with their second album. And it is a groot 15 track epic of bangers and ballads. The duo is showing a deeper side to listeners with this offering because the time has come to explore all the corners of the Legehness!

Brace yourself for a serious dose of Love & Legehness in the form of 15 new songs ranging from serious club bangers to deeply intimate and sensual ballads about the complexities of liefde. Die basslines brom, die beats klop, die melodies loop en alles saam het mens skoon verlief.

With lyrics such as “There is no race, only mense, there is no taal… only mengels”, Van Pletzen creates a world without rules and limitations where the only race is mense and the only taal is mengels, a legeh mixture of Engels and Afrikaans and whatever else you need to druk yourself uit! A wêreld where legehness and liefde dominates. This is the soundtrack to navigate your dreams to. Now is the time for the grootness, now is the time for the legehness, now is the time to follow your drome. Now is the time to become gereed for Love & Legehness!

I caught up with Van Pletzen to chat about Love & legehness:

This has been one crazy year so far. First, tell me a bit about what you’ve been up to so far during the past three months?

We have been putting the finishing touches on our new album Love & Legehness and shot a music video for the song Dronk op Liefde with Early B.

Today, you’re releasing the new album – congrats! How long have you been working on this one and who worked with you?

We have been working on the album on and off for about a year and we collaborated with Early B, Biggy, Janie Bay and legendary OG Dutch rapper Tim Beumers.

Awesome! So, the album features 15 new tracks. Is there a general theme running through this album? And please share some stories behind a few of the songs – what is it about?

The two main themes on this album are definitely Love and Legehness.  There are a few ballads on the album that Nax and I are super excited about, because Love is kak important in this world, especially during these crazy times.  This album we pushed ourselves to explore all corners of the Legehness and we are super amped to share what we found with everyone.

This upbeat offering comes at a good time – we need it indeed! But what do YOU hope listeners will take from it?

We hope it brings positivity, Love and of course Legehness into people’s lives. We also think it is time for Afrikaans to become Kak Groot and this album is going to make that happen. We want people to dance, party and to feel all sorts of gevoelens.

Van Pletzen

You’ve also released a music video. What’s it all about?

How being in Love is sort of like being a bit dronk. You feel very legeh and elated and then often you feel a bit of dronk verdriet and, of course, also hungover. It goes through all the stages of die liefde and compares it to all the stages of being legeh dronk.

And what’s your personal favourite track on the album and which one do you think will be a crowd favourite?

Our favourite song keeps changing but currently, our favourites are KAKGROOT, STOP DIE GAMES, DROOMING. A crowd favourite will definitely be YO NAX and PAP IS DIK. We also glo that GOLDEN PUNANI is a party starter.

Awesome! So, can we expect some home concerts during this lockdown period?

Maybe we will do something legeh, but we will defs do some live Q&A vibes where people can tune in and praat with us about the album and the gevoelens that they are feeling.

And once this lockdown is over, what are the first three things you’re going to do?

Go out for a legeh meal at a restaurant, then go to a bar or a live show for some legehness and then maybe klap the yskaatsbaan.

Van Pletzen


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