Wandile Mbambeni Releases Brand-new Single

Wandile Mbambeni remembers the ‘First Night’ with his brand new single

“Every song I’ve created tells a small part of my life story. Looking back from where my journey started, I can proudly say that all the hard work was worth it… and now I hope to tell the Wandile Mbambeni story around the world.”

A musical team brought together through social media, Wandile first discovered producer Phonikz on Instagram while watching a video of him producing some beats. “I love people who love JDilla and you can hear it in the sound,” and so the first virtual steps to creating ‘First Night’ were made.
“I messaged Phonikz on Instagram, cause I liked his vibe. We met up at his place and created the song. It was our first time meeting,” recalls Wandile. With meeting a fellow creative for the first time, comes the conversation to get to know each other, which in turn leads to the theme of the single. “We got to chat about our personal relationships before the music. The song was birthed from our first conversation and also ended up putting light on the first time one meets their partner. The first time you meet the person you love today.”

‘First Night’ was created and recorded ahead of the current coronavirus pandemic hitting SA shores with a national lockdown sending the public to their homes, so Wandile has used his time to create more music.
“Lockdown has been tough, as I can imagine for everybody. I’ve been keeping creative and keeping the shows going online as well as the collaborations,” and once lockdown ends, Wandile hopes to reshape his daily life with what he has come to learn during this trying time. “I hope a lot changes. I hope I am this productive, if not more. A lot of music will be coming out and it has taught me there’s no real reason to hold back on some of the songs. As an artist, I think people need this.”

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