Yndian Mynah releases first single ‘Designasaurs’

Yndian Mynah

Yndian Mynah releases new music

Yndian Mynah just released their new single from their upcoming album due for release mid 2021. 

After releasing their breakout album Velvet Youth in 2019, South African post-rockers Yndian Mynah are back with a new single. ‘Designasaurs’ is a six-minute instrumental; a musical journey that spurred from a simple polyrhythmic guitar riff. The track was recorded and produced by the band themselves, while mastering was done by Brad Boathright of Audioseige.

The song was inspired after some serious inspiration of new music and by the band’s travel overseas to Spain and Portugal. James, the guitarist, was obsessed with the new Tool album. While he was researching them, he found out that the guitarist, Adam Jones, used to build the sets and makeup design for the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.


 “The rest of the band wasn’t so convinced about Tool, but have been massive fans of Jurassic Park, so it was kind of like finding a medium ground of something beautiful together, which is pretty much what we do when we write music, we designed something around what we love, given that we are not afraid to share where the influences come from. It’s free and kind of a brotherhood, where everything that inspires us is a respectful place. We thought of calling this our new offering because embracing these new journeys after a whole album together is how we want to redefine ourselves in the future. Pushing new boundaries, and taking from anything and everything that means something to us.” – Says Matthew Dickinson, Yndian Mynah guitarist.

With ‘Designasaurs’, Yndian Mynah moved away from conventional rock patterns. The single is actually not bound by a genre. They focused more on creating a nostalgic, uplifting piece of music that can be interpreted in a unique way by all listeners. ‘Designasaurs’ is full of surprises, it has frequent structural changes emphasised by strong drumming and explosive guitar riffs. On the other hand, breakdowns offer contrast that balances everything out.

The music video features a unique montage of still and moving images, including photographs from band member Kenan’s personal archive. It premiered on September 25 on World Has Post Rock

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