Lee Cole paints the world pink with his latest single

Lee Cole releases ‘Pink Dragons’ with a stunning video

Johannesburg-based singer-songwriter Lee Cole has been making his mark in the music industry, one fresh pop song at a time. Now, he’s back with a new song while he’s latest offering ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ is still beating the records and charting high on local radio stations.

Lee has painted the world pink with his new song ‘Pink Dragons’, a sunny plea for a relationship worth saving. Lee explains when asked about the creation of the new single:

The melody really stood out to me because of its upbeat nature and just lent itself to positive and uplifting lyrics. At that stage, with the full song being fleshed out, I recorded the song in my bedroom and got to work producing it. The whole song was a very different experience for me because I had never used a guitar as a lead instrument before.”

At its core, this follow-up single is a musically lighter, and visually brighter video release that sees him turn a different sonic corner, set for the same triumphant success as ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait.

A visual feast

The music video of ‘Pink Dragons’ shows a hero who is fighting to save his relationship regardless of the cracks showing. When questioned about the fashioning of the video’s narrative alongside Dream Media, Lee said:

“The director and I sat down and discussed the vision and direction for the video back in April, and in our discussions we both settled on imagery that was bright and arty, yet very abstract. The director conceptualized the ideas of the balloons and hands to go hand-in-hand with the very specific and descriptive nature of the lyrics,”

With vocal influences stretching from rock titans Queen and AC/DC, to pop king Michael Jackson, Lee Cole’s voice has been molded by the numerous genres that he’s taken in over the years, resulting in a pop-rooted sound that’s flecked with his unique vocal styling. ‘Pink Dragons’ is the zenith of all of these elements.

Watch ‘Pink Dragons’

Lee Cole’s ‘Pink Dragons’ is out now across all digital platforms

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