Have You Been To Travis Kuhn’s New Tiki Bar In Cape Town Yet?

Vicious Virgin Bar Cape Town

The Vicious Virgin opens in Cape Town

“The Vicious Virgin, also the name of a classic tiki drink, will be the darker, edgier sister.”

Multi-award winning bartender, Travis Kuhn, has just opened a hot new bar in Cape Town, called Vicious Virgin, along with co-owners Kelby Schnetler and Leah van Deventer.

The Vicious Virgin is the city’s first tiki bar, one dedicated to rum heavy, French Polynesian inspired cocktails famed for their kick. Indeed, it’s named after a classic tiki cocktail that contains two kinds of rum, Cointreau, falernum and fresh lime juice. 

Vicious Virgin Bar Cape Town City

The Vicious Virgin follows on from Kuhn’s pop-up bar, the Polynesian Pearl Diver, which won best pop-up bar two years running at the BAR Awards.

Kuhn has also recently been named South Africa’s Most Influential Cocktail Personality in DrinksFeed’s Top 20 in 2020 list. He says:

“What does one do with such an amazing tribute? I’ll start by giving the ratios for the perfect Margarita: it’s two parts tequila, one part lime and one part Cointreau. Amateurs often add sugar for sweetness … this is a mistake. Kurt Schlechter taught me that!”

No doubt the Vicious Virgin is set to make waves in the cocktail scene.

Find it at 53 Wale Street, Cape Town.

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