Join in for Tiny Tattoo Sessions

Tiny Tattoo Sessions

A brand-new web series

Tiny Tattoo Sessions puts your favourite musos in legendary tattoo artist Manuela Gray’s chair and on the spot.

What do you get when you combine tattoos, interviews, and live music? Tiny Tattoo Sessions! 

Hosted by Manuela Gray, tattoo artist to rock stars the world over, and fuelled by Fokof Lager, Tiny Tattoo Sessions sees Manuela in her studio located on Cape Town’s Harrington street, her most natural habitat, with her trusty tattoo machine in hand, tattooing away at some of your favourite local musos. During these sessions she will be asking them some very real questions while they have their guard down.

Manuela’s studio will also double as a stage, showcasing every artist performing acoustic renditions of two of their tracks.

Tiny Tattoo Sessions

About season 1

Season 1, episode 1 has just launched, featuring soul-hoppers Androgenius’ Al Clapper (vocalist and lyricist) and Callum McDonald (guitarist and composer) and it’s a whole sass-fest!

The line-up for Season 1 includes: The King of SA Rock, Francois van Coke, multi-instrumentalist and creator of digital soundscapes, Mr Sakitumi, sassy singer-songwriter Tallulah Gray, psych-rockers Retro Dizzy’s Richard Liefeldt aka Dr Lovefield, African Queen, artistic expressionist and electro soul songstress PURE, and multi-disciplinary performance artist and fashionista Queezy.

Tiny Tattoo Sessions

Whether you’re here for the music, the (crazy) ink, or to get to know some of your favourite musos more intimately, you’re in for a buffet of a treat!

Watch the first episode

Photos by Michael Ellis

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