30 years of ModaLisboa, and the event is back in 2021

ModaLisboa 2021
Image by Gonçalo Villaverde / Global Imagens.

ModaLisboa – Who, What, Where?

ModaLisboa is back this weekend, October 7th to 10th. Under the theme “And Now What?”, the organization hosting ModaLisboa 2021 celebrates 30 years of existence this year.

Where will ModaLisboa be hosted?

The last edition of ModaLisboa, with the theme “Community”, was completely digital and postponed to April due to the pandemic context. This year, the event will take place at Estufa Fria and at Teatro Capitólio, and will be both open to the public and hosted online.

Designers and talks at ModaLisboa 2021

Among the fashion designers invited for ModaLisboa 2021 are Ricardo Preto, Nuno Baltazar, Kolovrat, Luís Buchinho and Gonçalo Peixoto. There will also be several workshops and talks hosted by experts in the industry throughout the weekend. Some of the speakers include Mónica Ferro (UNFPA), Javier Goyeneche (ECOALF), Orsola de Castro (Fashion Revolution).

At modalisboa.pt, the public will have unlimited access to all the content of the Lisbon fashion week.

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