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Aidan Martin RefugeeAidan Martin Releases Album at Mercury Live

I first saw Aidan Martin live at a Pearl Jam tribute a few months ago. Although I stood at the back of the very packed little venue, something about the Cape Town blues-rocker’s music captivated me. So, when he recently had the release of his album, REFUGEE, at Mercury Live in Cape Town, I had to go see what it was that caught my attention that night. And with Stoker and African Survival Kit on the line up, of course it was going to be a proper rock n roll-night-out.

The first act, African Survival Kit, plays to a somewhat scattered crowd that slowly but surely huddles together, closer to the stage; curious to see the badass rap-rockers. I too get closer; it’s different, but good. Headbanging stuff.

In recent months, I’ve seen dismal crowds at rock shows, but Stoker has always pulled a nice audience. Perhaps because they constantly prove themselves as one of the best local rock bands. They are up next, and don’t hold back.

I see some fans in the front row give out a few high fives after their set; these days we have to celebrate rock n roll in any and every way we can.

The two acts round off two solid sets. It’s a good night for live music at Mercury.

Aidan Martin

“A changeling and a chaser of truth, Martin is forever seeking authenticity when it comes to his craft, and the much-anticipated album Refugee is a true testament to this passion.”

You get two types of people at a rock show: the ones that stand around at the back, and those in the front; the closer, the better. When you get the opportunity to be in the front during Aidan Martin’s set, take some advice: Pull in.

The man is a master; the real deal.

I loathe myself for the fact that I haven’t repaired my broken camera yet, and not being able to record any of the pure brilliance I witness.

For the first few tracks, I don’t move. I just take in what is possibly one of the best sets I’ve seen all year! The way the three-piece work together is pure genius. I look at bassist AndrĂ© Van Der Merwe; he hardly looks up at the audience, but simply plays his instrument, mesmerising the crowd, while Jorik Pienaar on drums offers the real rockers reason to headbang.

I haven’t had a chance to listen REFUGEE through yet, but two songs into Aidan’s performance, and I quickly make a promise to myself that I will do so soon… and often.

Watch Aidan Martin Live:

These days, I often struggle with the questions: do musicians still make music just because of their passion for it? Do they stick to what they love, stay authentic and true to their craft despite reaching only a small audience? I now know the answer: Yes, (luckily) some do. And you will never doubt it once you see Aidan Martin live.

I hope that at some point the masses will realise again that there is more to music than getting radio play, and just producing tracks that please the crowds.

If you are a lover of rock n roll and blues, this album will be a great addition to your collection! Get it now: HERE



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