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Since 2011 Dirty Pink City has covered most major events in SA as a South African blog. These include music festivals, sporting events, album launches, fashion events and product launches. DPC offers a young and fresh outlook on everything South Africa has to offer. The platform provides entertainment news to a young market to make sure they know about all the great events happening in and around Cape Town, Joburg and Durban. The blog focuses mainly on people with a passion for living in the city and who are constantly seeking new experiences and places to go.

DPC is a personal lifestyle blog. I will not post anything that does not fit in with what the blog is about, or that looks like “just another press release”. Here are a few things to keep in mind when contacting me:

  • It is a good idea to read a bit about DPC before you pitch anything random. I like to work with brands, people and products that fit in with the idea behind the blog.
  • Please don’t expect me to write about an event if I did not attend it.
  • I’m not comfortable endorsing anything I haven’t been able to test or experience myself. I will not post a product press release if I don’t know if it’s any good! It’s all about credibility.
  • Please remember that bloggers don’t owe anyone a spectacular review. In the end it is about what I think about something, not what a company wants to read.
  • Lastly, remember that exposure cannot always be free. Please keep that in mind when sending anything DPC’s way.

DPC has a rate card and stats sheet that can be emailed, should you be interested in advertising on any of the blog’s platforms.


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I often run competitions on the blog. You are more than welcome to enter any of these. If the competition do not require you to do something specific (answer a question, comment first, etc.), I will choose winners randomly.

PLEASE note that previous winners from the last 6 months will not be considered first.

If ever you need more info regarding competitions and/or winners, please email me: