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Summer is finally here and, with that, taking out the summer pieces from the back of your cupboard, and even buying a new piece or two!

While browsing around a few onlines shops, I’ve noticed that a lot of their winter clothes are only now on sale. Included in one of the sales was a beautiful cashmere top. I loved it! Cashmere for summer? Why not!


Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fiber obtained from cashmere goats and other types of goat.

Definitely made for winter, but I couldn’t resist browsing the net to see if cashmere can be paired with summery pieces to actually wear it in the hotter months.

Here’s what I found:

Get a short-sleeve

You can buy cashmere pieces with shorter sleeves. Wear it on cooler nights out paired with shorts or skirts.

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Summer is all about summer! Get a light cashmere scarf in abright colour, and wear it on nights out with a summery dress.

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Go Light

Get a light cashmere top in a light, neutral colour. You can wear it on days that are slightly cooler, paired with jeans or shorts.

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Cashmere can be worn during any season, I believe… so, go on, shop the look online!



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