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Jesters in the Park

Cape Town Comedy Club is proud to present Jesters in the Park at the Maynardville Open-Air Festival to be held at the Maynardville Open-Air Theatre in Wynberg. Get your tickets now!

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Joe Ma se BBQ!

“One day I walked into a bar, and someone said ‘Awe!’, and I was like, ‘you know what, You go AWE, I just got here’.” Have you ever seen an American-Egyptian-Greek-Aztec-South-African? No? Well, that is Joe Emilio. As he describes himself “the lovechild of George Lopez and Jay Leno”. Over the weekend I was invited […]

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MCQP Ready To Make Two Big Announcements

For the very first time in its 24 years of existence, the organisers of MCQP have announced a “Christmas in July” party that will be taking place this Friday, 28 July 2017.

In addition, in yet another first for MCQP, the theme and venue for the 2017 event that will be taking place in December (Saturday, 16 December) will be announced at the July spectacular, hosted at the German Club in Gardens, Cape Town. Previously, details about Africa’s biggest costume party were only revealed in October.

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