tAIT Releases SKITZO

tAIT singer

tAIT Unveils Long Awaited New EP

“I feel like I’m writing some of my best stuff right now.”

Singer-songwriter Chris Tait has been creating infectious pop-rock music for nearly two decades. With a slew of radio hits under his belt and a reputation for being one of South Africa’s top music producers, he has worked with some of SA’s best.

Having had a few line-up changes over the years, and after a much needed hiatus from the music biz, Chris is now ready to release his first offering in nearly 6 years. SKITZO is an eclectic collection of catchy pop/rock songs, that are sure to meet the expectations of all tAIT fans.

tAIT singer

SKITZO was recorded and produced at Chris’s Blackhole Studios in Cape Town. Fellow Cape Town musician and friend Dane Wood helped out on drums, the rest is all played, recorded and produced by Chris.

“ Skitzo is basically about my slightly schizophrenic taste in music and song-writing. I’ve tried to stifle it for years, by pushing myself in various directions, but this time I’m embracing my inner skitzo and just laying it out there like it is!”

Skitzo is available now on all digital platforms including: Deezer iTunes  Apples Music  Spotify



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