FRAME JANKO Releases Debut Album

Frame Janko

FRAME JANKO releases Eyes on Fire

Are you ready to dance? Of course you are! And FRAME JANKO has just given you all the more reason to do so.

Jozi-based FRAME JANKO has just released their super solid debut album, Eyes on Fire. The new offering consists of a unique blend of indie and rock n roll, accompanied by smooth, powerful vocals, melodic guitars, dancey, locked-in drumming and groovy bass lines.

FRAME JANKO has a burning desire to deliver their new sound while making everyone in the crowd either nod their heads while singing along or dance like crazy…


From backgrounds in the creative world of music production, cinematography, advertising, and social media, FRAME JANKO was born out of its members’ love for indie rock n roll music and the desire to express their own ideas and experiences through this versatile genre. 

Frame Janko

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Eyes on Fire is now available on all digital platforms:


Google Play 




  • At the Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival on the 21st April
  • At Party Freakz on the 5th May 2018 


Photograph – Shannon Botha



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