Here I Go Again

Richard Brokensha

Richard Brokensha here i go again

I go again” speaks about the habitual elements of human nature and how,
even though we try to avoid our
addictions, we are so overwhelmed by that feeling that has a hold on
us. The video shows scenes of Richard Brokensha and the dancers, in a
parallel world of struggle as well as peace; with Richard finding inner
peace and the dancers finding resolution from
their struggle.


Richard : When

I wrote the song I wanted to express my struggle in the music industry
as well as the social environment that so many of us have been swallowed
in by in terms of social media. At the same time I wanted to create a
picture of a relationship that shows the struggle
and resolution between two lovers, and how that habitually repeats

Richard Brokensha Here I Go Again

was on tour in Netherlands with “The music of Queen” (A theater
production) for shows in Den Haag and Amsterdam.
Brett de Vos, a director I had worked with on a few music videos
before, had been living there for a while, so I got in touch with him
and we decided to develop a concept for my first single “Here I go
again”. We wanted to do something involving dancers, but not conventional dance, so we had the dancers act whilst
using dance as the medium to express the concept.
Richard Brokensha Here I Go Again


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