Incubus Finally Tours To South Africa

Incubus South Africa 2018

Incubus in Cape Town Review

A few months ago the talk started in an eager, almost crazy-like tone: “do you have your Incubus tickets yet!?”. Yes, the group was finally confirmed to visit our shores. For months it carried on: The playing of their songs in bars, the posts on social media… this was big. Even people who aren’t massive fans bought tickets. Because Incubus was bound to blow minds, right?

Their South African tour kicked off in Pretoria and the feedback was incredible. Very few could resist the urge to share their post-Incubus high. This made Cape Town’s 90s kids (who now work 9 to 5s and have families) go nuts even more. Everyone could finally scratch that off their lists (and slip out on a work night)!

The Cape Town concert was scheduled to start quite early, but it was still disappointing to see how few people had put in that little extra effort to support the opening bands. The 3 local bands, BRYNN, Retro Dizzy and Southern Wild, performed to a largely empty A Track in Green Point. However, this didn’t dim their bright rock ‘n roll lights one bit! All three bands performed their hearts out and proved why they deserved to open for Incubus.

Incubus South Africa 2018Incubus South Africa 2018Incubus South Africa 2018

The opening sets were kept short and before long the lawn in front of the stage was filled with eager fans dressed in Incubus merch with satisfied smiles on their faces. The suspense finally broke as the rockers appeared on stage. At that moment, most 30-something women fell back in love with lead-singer Brandon Boyd. That 90s crush. He hasn’t aged much. And lucky neither did the band. They still perform like a well-oiled machine. Their music might not be as relevant to the younger crowds anymore, but they sure as hell know how to satisfy their older, loyal fans.

Right from the start, the crowds sang in unison with Boyd as they boomed through the hits. Their live setup didn’t have many frills, just a really hectic lighting design. Something that stood out immediately was Boyd’s use of the mic. It was like he was showing off a special kind of craft. He obviously knows exactly how to use it to his full advantage, because his vocals were nearly faultless. Heavy formal training, perhaps? The rest of the band followed with incredible use of their instruments.

‘I Miss You’, ‘Drive’ ‘Pardon me’ and ‘Nice To Know You’ were highlights, but ‘Wish You Were Here’ was extra special with the added chorus of Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’. It doesn’t get better than that.

Incubus 2018

The end came sooner than expected. The majority of the crowd stayed behind for a couple of minutes. Standing in awe. Most had probably been waiting for this moment forever. The night was a short one and may have ended too soon, but most of the crowd seemed content.

Perhaps 10 years ago their performance would have been longer, bigger and more spectacular, but I think everyone can agree that, after so many years in the game, there’s plenty of life left in Incubus.

Thank you to We Are Live for the incredibly well-organised event.


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