Making Your Own Garments

Making Your Own Clothes

Have you ever walked through your favourite fashion retail shop, or browsed an online retailer, and wondered how you are ever going to afford the entire summer or winter range (because everything looks so good, right!)? It happens to me all the time and, funnily enough, I always loose my heart on the most expensive pieces!

Especially winter garments like jackets and jerseys can be ridiculously expensive, and you can also bargain on the fact that you will definitely not be the only one with a specific piece (looking at you, bulk retailers!).

So, I recently considered making my own pieces of clothing since I have a little bit of design and sewing experience through my course at University. Even though I won’t be making tailored suits or trench coats anytime soon, I can cut fabric with a pattern and sew straight.

Design Your own Clothes

Buying or Borrowing a Sewing Machine

You don’t have to buy the latest Bernina to make your first pieces! Ask your sister, mom or an aunt if you can borrow theirs to start with. Or, if you feel like this can be an ongoing thing, you can buy an affordable one from Makro or Game.

Buying Fabric Online

Making your own clothing is now even easier than ever before, because you can even buy fabric online! Yes, amazing websites like Tissura offers beautiful ranges for summer and winter and, with a simple click, they will deliver it to you.

When I started browsing through Tissura’s tweed collection a few days ago, I liked so many designs that I decided on ordering a few metres for a skirt or two. I especially like the Tweed Boucle fabric.


Downloading Patterns

When you are ready for your first piece, you can start browsing the Internet for easy patterns. I recommend Craftsy or The Spruce for modern patterns that are simple and quick.

And finally, you can start sewing your first garment! Don’t give up hope if it’s a complete flop, my first tries all ended up in a black bag.

Happy sewing!



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