Mobbing Bali Release New Video

Mobbing Bali

Mobbing Bali release video for new single, Coffee

Mobbing Bali is a Cape Town progressive-indie band, creating music that sees an infusion of classical, pop and Latin elements, which makes them uniquely groovy.

There are four of them. One sings and complains. One shreds harder than a cheese grater. Another one just bangs things. There’s one more, but he has two less strings than the other guys. Except for the guy who bangs things. He doesn’t use any strings. None.

And today they saw the release of their video for latest single, Coffee.

Watch Now:

About the Video:

Shot on location at a farm lodge in Paarl, director Dylan Vermaak had the following to say about his concept behind the video:

The inspiration behind The Music Video for Coffee comes from a Marie Claire 2015 article “5 Men you will date in your lifetime”. The narrative follows a women going on multiple dates with vastly different men with the goal to find her next boyfriend. The vixen loves the attention from all the guys and decides to play them, this is where she becomes the ultimate Femme Fatal – an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately cause distress to a man who becomes involved with her.

The guys soon uncover her devious plan and unite to form a band singing her a song they wrote for her called Coffee.”


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