Last week I had the privilege of attending the launch of Frank Freeman’s new documentary held at Mercury in Cape Town. The short film is about music and what role it plays in society. The launch was concluded with a set from Frank Freeman himself. Cape Town photographer Belia Oh also exhibited some of her work on large print outs.

I wish more Capetonian’s can take this step and present their work like these two artists. It was a relaxed and enjoyable evening where I could have a glass of wine or two and enjoy creative and inspiring work by others. To me, this is definitely what the Cape Town lifestyle is about – art and music brought together by creative individuals wanting to entertain.

Freeman’s documentary, Music?, featured some local musicians such as Jedd Kossew from Van Coke Kartel, drummer
Sheldon Yoko and more being interviewed about music and exactly where it fits into society. Although the film was a bit short, I appreciate the effort and I can definitely see the talent behind it. Go watch the documentary here:

However, it was Frank’s set that was the most spectacular. Why have I never seen him before? I was pleasantly surprised by he’s instrumental and vocal talent. Frank Freeman has opened for bands like Van Coke Kartel, Jack Parow, Valiant Swart, Fokofpolisiekar and a whole list of other bands. And I can see why; him and his band are seriously good, passionate musicians. Well done guys! I will see you at your next gig.

Visit Frank’s page here:

Photographer Belia
Oh showcased the work of the first 9
months of her career, Dec 2011 – Aug 2012. In a world where photos are uploaded on the internet by the millions every day, it is not easy for a photographer to make a name for him- or herself. Luckily for Belia her work is incredible, capturing close detail of live musical acts. She’s got a collection of beautiful, captured moments in local music history, from Black Cat Bones to Mean Black Mamba.

Visit Belia Oh’s page here for more information:

Thanks for the evening guys and I look forward to your next event!  

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