RED BULL DOODLE ART 2017 – Enter Now

Red Bull Doodle Art 2017

Red Bull Doodle Art Competition

There is one thing students from around the globe have in common: They all have hidden doodle talents when it comes to doodling during class – and it all starts with the basics, a pen & paper. Art at it’s best!

Doodling has no rules, no restrictions, it´s a freedom of expression.

More than 50000 students from over 1000 universities in over 40 countries will be showcasing how they interpret Doodle Art. Red Bull Doodle Art gives students a platform to translate their imagination into art.

Starting from mid March to end of May university students will be able submit their incredible artworks and vote for the best doodle of their country on the global platform

The third edition of Red Bull Doodle Art 2017 will have an exciting global final: A virtual reality experience. All national winners will get the unique experience to compete in the Global Final in an exciting location. They will be coached on how to up level their 3D artistic skills and create their final piece by painting in 3D.

The final masterpieces will be exhibited at a Global Virtual Gallery, where art lovers can experience doodles in virtual reality from around the world! The global winner will be chosen here.

Submit your Doodle now!

For more information, participating countries and how to submit your work, visit

Red Bull Doodle Art 2017



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One comment on “RED BULL DOODLE ART 2017 – Enter Now”

  1. marina says:

    please start a competition for children below 18years. They are keen and pretty good at doodling.

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