SAMMAS 2018 Nominees


The South African Metal Music Awards 2018 Just Announced Their Nominees

Born in 2014 out of a desire to honour South African metal music, the South African Metal Music Awards will take place once again this year to do just that.

The SAMMA team comprises of various volunteers who all want to see the South African metal scene and industry grow both within our borders, and internationally. And what better way to showcase this, than an awards ceremony that acknowledges the bands who work hard to produce incredible music!?


When is the 2018 SAMMAS?

The 2018 South African Metal Music Awards ceremony will be held at Rumours Rock City on the 7th April 2018.

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The Top 5 Nominees for each category are:

Best Music Video

1.L.A.Cobra – War
2.Nerve Zero – Torture Chamber
3.Ohgod-Hungry Ghosts
4.Red Helen – Ode To The Corrupt
5.Mezzanine Floor – Behold! Luca

Best Single

1.Nerve Zero – Torture Chamber
2.Megalodon – Sanctum
3.My Columbine – Vigorish
4.DevilSpeak – Unearth Hell
5.Ohgod – Hungry Ghosts

Best EP

1.Disarmageddon – Contagion
2.Last One Alive – Last One Alive
3.The Fallen Prophets – Death Conquers Life
4.Technopath – Ontology
5.Ruff Majik – A Finch in a Cherry Tree

Best Album

1. Megalodon – Illusion of Origin
2. Deadline – Black Wolf City
3. Ohgod – The Great Silence
4. Red Helen – Trading Past for Pathways
5. Kings of Improg – Henosis

Best Live Band

1. Deadline
2. Megalodon
3. Ohgod
4. Riddlebreak
5. Red Helen

Best Newcomer

1. Hiraeth
2. Disarmageddon
3. Last One Alive
4. 13th Empire
5. Abaddon

Best Metal Event

1. Krank’d Up 2017
2. Ragnarok 2
3. M4A Summerfest’17
4. Wacken Metal Battle SA: The Finals 2017
5. Metal Feast 2017

Best Death Metal

1. Nerve Zero
2. DevilSpeak
3. My Columbine
4. The Fallen Prophets
5. Maximum Carnage

Best Black Metal

1.Adorned in Ash
2.Nebula Disrupt
3.Sinister Superstar
4. Spectral Realm
5. Wildernessking

Best Old School Metal

1. Deadline
2. L.A. Cobra
3. Disarmageddon
4. The Slashdogs
5. De Wallen

Best Core Metal Band

1. Red Helen
2. Boargazm
3. Truth and It’s Burden
4. Treehouse Burning
5. 13th Empire

Best Alternative Metal Band

1. Deity’s Muse
2. Dirty Moonshine
3. Aimed At You
4. With Dawn
5. Last One Alive

Best Progressive Metal band

1. Ohgod
2. Megalodon
3. Kings of Improg
4. Mezzanine floor
5. Technopath




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