Seether at Kirstenbosch

We arrived on Friday evening to a packed Kirstenbosch. When I say packed, I mean people were streaming in from all sides of the concert area and squeezed in wherever they saw a tiny piece of open grass. I did not expect this. Honestly, with only one opening act, I was a bit sceptical about the support, but the Mother City miraculously came to the party; young and old arrived with picnic baskets, blankets and a great deal of anticipation to see Seether at Cape Town’s Parklife Festival.

The evening started off with a stripped down set by Taxi Violence. Personally, Taxi Violence was the perfect choice to open for Seether. They gave just the right amount of energy to prepare the crowd for what was to come, but they also kept it comfortably contained to fit in perfectly with the stripped down nature of the concert. Frontman George van der Spuy interacted well with the crowd and their over-all performance was really impressive. I have seen quite a few live performances from Taxi Violence, but I have to say that this was probably one of my favourites. Van der Spuy’s vocals were solid and the rest of the musicians really proved why they are seen as one of the best rock acts Cape Town has to offer.

Unfortunately their set was far too short for my liking, some people were stuck in heavy traffic and arrived long after Taxi Violence played. Also why only one opening act? I am sure we have at least one more local rock act that would kill for such an opportunity.

We didn’t wait long after Taxi Violence’s set, before they announced Seether. And before I knew it, I was right in front of the stage. I saw Seether once before when I was about 16 and frontman Shaun Morgan had long, dyed, red hair. That set was a highlight of my rebellious high school days and I was curious as to what they were going to bring to their home crowd this time around.

Seether cleaned up their act just a little since their wilder, rebellious days; Morgan with short hair and Dale Stewart looking fresh faced. Morgan immediately connected with the audience by speaking some Afrikaans and then it became clear; South Africa have not forgotten Seether.

Too me it was absolutely fantastic to see young and old dance and sing along to the songs; I saw 13- and 14-year-olds right in front of the stage, knowing the words to every song! I believe this predicts only good things for rock n roll in South Africa and that it is NOT dying or declining, it is very much alive and well.
Seether played with a great amount of ease, even though Morgan admitted that he is always nervous to play in front of South African crowds. But there is no need for him or the band to feel like this, for they are truly phenomenal.

Even though Kirstenbosch was packed, the evening can be summed up as intimate and even a bit emotional, as Seether really gave their all for their home crowd. No one even seemed to notice or care that it became a little chillier as the evening went on, in fact the crowd in front of the stage got bigger and more people crept out under their blankets to stand up and dance. As expected, “Broken” was the crowd’s favourite and they sang along to the entire song. What a magical moment for Cape Town at a beautiful outdoor venue, witnessing such talent.

This is what hard work and dedication looks like; they are the South African proof that local music can very well make it big.

Well done Parklife, Taxi Violence, Seether, all the organisers and sponsors. It was a fantastic evening and we look forward to the next one.

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