About Me

Not Just A South African Blog…

Born and raised in the Western Cape in South-Africa, I created Dirty Pink City as a kind of documentary of living in the city. Like a scrapbook of all the different experiences of growing up in one of the most exciting cities in the world – Cape Town. Cape Town Blog

When I first moved to the Mother City, in an apartment at the foot of Table Mountain, I was all by myself, and had this constant need to write about everything I experienced. I didn’t really had anything specific in mind – The SA fashion blogs at the time seemed a bit pretentious, and the South African music bloggers wrote stiff, formal reviews and articles. So eventually, I just wrote about everything I enjoyed in my own way – A personal and lifestyle blog.

These days you will often spot me around the city taking pictures, attending live music events or having fun at the beach. That is why I like Cape Town – all my favourite things in one city.

I grew up in a family of creatives and they taught me a great love for music, art and fashion. After school I spent a lot of my time in the theater and I got taught how to write plays, sew costumes, build sets, manage sound and lighting and work very, very long hours.

Cape Town Lifestyle Blog

When reading this blog you will find everything that is really close to my heart; a lot of rock music, SA music festivals, some fashion, a lot of travel, a little bit of art and beauty and some theater. If you like it – great! And if you don’t, then bye!


30 Random things about me

  1. I grew up in a small town, where I could walk to school barefoot, had friends around the corner and had mad “farm parties” in high school.
  2. I wrote a book when I was 16 years old, but it remains unpublished.
  3. When I was 17, I tried to open my own bar in the cellar beneath our house. Needless to say, it didn’t last very long.
  4. I can put up an army tent, build a raft and I can find my way with a compass!
  5. I have a degree in drama and theatre and, because of that, I can sew costumes, rig lights and operate a soundboard (to an extent). Although I am a bit rusty, I still know the ins and outs.
  6. I saw Metallica, and my first international band, 10 years ago for the first time.
  7. I am actually very shy and sometimes people interpret my body language as being rude. I will only be truly comfortable with people whom I’ve known for many years. Over the years I’ve made peace with the fact that I am shy and sometimes uncomfortable in the presence of strangers and people I don’t know very well.
  8. I can spend hours in a library or in art galleries. You know, just browsing.
  9. I once convinced my friend that my TV game console was a candy machine.
  10. I am a huge extreme sports fan (think X Games, Nitro Circus). Although I still sometimes close my eyes when it’s time for the FMX.
  11. I can rollerblade and ice skate. I cannot surf to save my life (I’ve tried).
  12. Animals are very close to my heart and at one stage I even considered becoming a vet.
  13. I can bake cakes and make a range of pastas, curries, wraps, etc. But it’s not really a passion of mine and, therefore, I don’t do so very often.
  14. I once cried on a camels back.
  15. I’ve been to the bull temple in India.
  16. I am a semi-perfectionist and if something doesn’t match I will feel uncomfortable. At the moment my cushions doesn’t match my duvet and I really don’t like it. Or if someone’s kitchen is untidy… blegh.
  17. I get addicted to things very quickly.
  18. 3 of my biggest passions: Music, dancing and writing.
  19. I don’t like licorice, cola flavoured anything and Ouma Rusks.
  20. Summer is the best. Winter not so much.
  21. I am pretty much addicted to sleep and if life would allow me, I would sleep 12 hours every day.
  22. I am a rock ‘n’ roll fan first and foremost.
  23. I can play the piano.
  24. Some people are dog people. Others are cat people. I am a cat-dog person.
  25. I will never, ever, ever be able to move away from the ocean.
  26. I am at my happiest when I can dress up for myself, drink champagne and listen to music.
  27. I sometimes chill at home in pajamas and high heels.
  28. I read CNN and The Free Thought Project every single day.
  29. I still have 6 fluffy toys: A bear, a frog, 2 mice and 2 monkeys. All given to me by close family or friends.
  30. I am a typical pisces: Dreamer, lover, imaginative, devoted, intuitive.

See you around Cape Town!