Talking to TiMO ODV

Interview: TiMO ODV

TiMO ODV has launched himself onto the scene with his first single and music video for SAVE ME (featuring the luscious harmonies of Sarah Jackson), showcasing how his soul stirring deep sound illuminates the magnetic power of his pop sensibilities.

“I don’t wanna be alone, won’t you come and save me?”

TiMO ODV started writing SAVE ME in October 2014, and admits that writing the right vocals for the track took him a few attempts. He ended up writing 5 songs over the chords, taking the best part of each one song and putting it together which resulted in SAVE ME.

“ songs are usually not based on people but rather emotions of mine…”

Hey TiMO ODV, thanks for chatting to us!

So, give us a little background; Who is TiMO ODV? And what’s behind the name?
TiMO ODV is just a short version of my full name
Timothy Oude Vrielink (Oude Vrielink is my surname). I have no middle
names sadly. 
Your single ‘Save Me’ is basically taking over radio at the
moment and is all over the charts of South Africa including reaching
the Top 15 on the SA Top 100, tell us about the journey.
– Well, it started in 2011 when I decided I wanted to
try make music. From there I explored a few genres but eventually
realised I needed to learn instruments and learn to sing to fully
express myself.
So, was it written for someone special?
– No, it wasn’t. It was mostly objective writing – my songs are usually not based on people but rather emotions of mine
that I connect to relatable objects or stories, for me the most
important is getting the emotion across.
What was it like shooting the video for ‘Save Me’?
– It was really fun and a new experience, from
sitting in my room for 4 years with no attention on me to standing in a
big room with lights and cameras and people all watching you – it is quite a change of scenery.
You recently settled on a deeper pop sound. Do you think
you’ve found your specific genre, or do you think you might experiment
more in the future?
– Experiment, definitely experiment in the future. Right now I am very happy with my sound but I know and I hope I will be
evolving my sound and bringing in new elements as time goes on, because
that’s what I feel life is about growing.
Your sound is very open to the international market as well, what is your biggest goal/dream for your music?
– A place on the UK Top 40 and Billboard Top 100 –
that would be a dream and obviously some collaborations with some of my
Which country would you most like to tour to?
I know it’s not a “country” but the UK, I just love the music the UK puts out.

A few quick ones:

Where do you hang out when not busy writing and producing songs: In front of the TV or reading books which help me grow.
Beer, wine or spirits? None, I don’t drink. I’ll have a milkshake though – strawberry please.
Where can we see you perform live?
– The next gig is at Tiger Tiger PTA on May 29.
Where can we follow you on the interwebs?
TiMO ODV on Facebook – that would be appreciated.
Favourite SA festival?
I’m from Joburg so H20, hahaha!
Cape Town, Joburg or Durban?
– Joburg because it’s my home.
What’s on the cards for the rest of the year?
– A few more singles and maybe just maybe an album in the works.

And finally, where can we find your music (share link)?
Or you can go to TiMO ODV on Facebook – I post a lot of videos and songs there.

Want more?
Listen to Timo ODV’s mash-up he did on 947:

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