ISO talks to Dirty Pink City

“…there have been so many awesome moments that we have had, we have been very fortunate.”

So, you’re probably wondering where ISO had disappeared to this past year… Dirty Pink City has some answers for you! While they were on a bit of a break, there has been some changes (good ones), and we can expect new music soon!

DPC recently caught up with Richard Brokensha to talk about a new album and a new member!

Hi Richard, thanks for chatting to DPC! You guys are back after a bit of a break, are you ready for the summer season and 2016? And what did you guys get up to while taking a break from the scene?

We were rehearsing with our new drummer Nic, so the last couple months we were in Joburg getting ready for our performances we had lined up. I can’t wait for summer, we will be travelling during December, soaking up the hot South African sun.

So, you also had a bit of a member change? What’s happening, and please introduce us to the new drummer?

Our previous drummer decided to take another path in music. Our new drummer Nic McCreadie is the new addition and we have really enjoyed having him as part the band so far. He is creative, very talented and a pleasure to work with.

So, next year it will be your 10 year celebration in the music scene. Please share a few moments that really stood out through the years?

Our tour to Germany will always stand out to us. 10 Arenas all sold out! We opened for the biggest star in Germany. We performed to over 100 000 people on that tour. Other highlights have been Rocking the Daisies, opening for John Newman, opening for 2 Door Cinema Club, opening for the Foals and Biffy Clyro, performing at the Victoria Falls NYE concert, there have been so many awesome moments that we have had, we have been very fortunate.

Are you guys working on a new album perhaps?

Yes we are, we are planning to release it early next year.

Where and when is your next gig?

5 December in Pretoria at Arcade Empire.

Where can we follow ISO?

Twitter – @isoband

Instagram – @iso_band

What do you guys have up your sleeves for 2016?

A new album and lots of shows!

Thanks guys and enjoy what’s left of 2015!


Images by Anna Smith | South African Blogger

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