Malkop Festival Review

 Malkop Rock Festival 2015

Partying through the night at one event and driving 5 hours to another has become somewhat of an art to me. I’m not particularly proud of arriving at the gate of a festival, speaking to the organisers, looking much less than gleaming… but, you know, who cares? I was most certainly not going to miss this one. So, 2 weekends and 3 festivals down, Malkop was the last one on the list.

We arrived at Malkop Rock Festival on Saturday after a long road trip through the ENTIRE Western Cape. The drive was beautiful, but we were very, very grateful when we eventually arrived in the legendary coastal region known as ‘die Weskus’.Never heard of Malkop? That’s because it was the first ever Malkop. Held at Malkoppan Guest Farm, across from the famous Muisbosskerm restaurant in Lambert’s Bay, this festival is a special (and *noteworthy) one. Far from the maddening crowds in bars and clubs in the city, far from music I don’t want to hear, this event made me happy the moment I arrived on the dusty gravel road and the entrance to the event, tired and grubby. It’s not often that an organiser is able to get together some of the most legendary artists SA has ever produced. Think Koos Kombuis, Jan Blohm, Akkedis, Valiant Swart, Piet Botha, etc. The chosen artists and their genres fitted in perfectly against the Weskus backdrop… Not often do event organisers get it this right.

Except for the weather that threatened to completely explode in wind and rain, the rest was surprisingly refreshing and well-organised. The Malkoppan Guest Farm has a large camping area right opposite the beach – green grass, soft sand and a world-class restaurant right across the road, what more do you need? But obviously the music: The festival consisted out of a smaller stage, the RIOT Stage, and a main stage, both sported a line up that would’ve made any true SA music lover weep for a ticket. But, of course, with any new event, only a few lucky people knew about it and bought tickets.

This truly is one of the best ideas since Oppikoppi. If I had any more energy left, I would’ve probably made a few flipflops during Jan Blohm and Valiant’s sets (Yeah, they are two of my favourite Afrikaans artists), but 4 festivals and 2 weekends left me battered (though I might have shed a tear or two).Still, in my tired state I tried to make a mission to experience the best of the festival: I Indulged in very affordable alcohol, chatted to some awesome locals, partied with a guy that was semi-part of the Voelvry Movement, ate at the incredible Muisbosskerm, tasted some beer and stayed up till 3am.

The inaugural Malkop was a feast! A feast of excellent music and good company. The organisers have something great here: The opportunity to give the Western Cape their very own, annual rock music festival for old and young, Afrikaans, English and Xhosa. Anyone up for a taste of pure SA goodness!

So, after a weekend of hard partying, I got into bed wishing: Can’t life just be one long Malkop Festival? I’ll pay really good money for it…?

Oh yeah Malkop, you’ve arrived. Special mention goes out to Brand New Colony who rocked the Riot Stage and made our weekend super fun!

*Keep an eye on this festival! It is bound to get bigger, and you do want to experience it before it gets to Oppi’s size 😉

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