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Grietfest 2016 is almost here! Grietfest is brought to you by Olmeca Tequila and Red Bull Studios and will take place on the 27th of August 2016 at the Container Yard venue in Johannesburg. This year’s event sees four stages with three international acts. We caught up with local act ANG to talk about her work and the festival:

ANG Grietfest

Hi ANG, thanks for chatting to Dirty Pink City!
So, let’s jump straight in and talk Grietfest – Second, third year you’ll be performing? What makes Grietfest special?

It will be my second time playing at the actual festival, I played the After Party last year.

Grietfest is an extremely unique event because the fans have grown with the party, which means they want to attend regardless of the line up. And in terms of vibe, I am yet to play or attend another event that can boast such a tangible and contagious energy.

Any special tricks up your sleeve for your performance at the festival? What can we look forward to?

I’d like to think that the allure of my sets is a solid combination of booty shakers and fresh unheard tunes, so do your stretches because it won’t be a casual Sunday stroll 😉

Looking at the line up, who do you recommend for:
White Nite
STAB Virus
Omar Morto

Losing your mind?
Sibot & Toyota

A chill vibe?
Buli – you really cannot miss this kid!

What time and on what stage can we catch you?

Fiction Nights is doing a take over of the Science Frikshun stage when the Drum n Bass moves to Main Stage so I’ll be on after the sun goes down.

Now onto other things: How has the Cape Town nightlife scene changed through the years – Is it growing, for the better, or not really?

Nightlife and party scenes undulate according to trend and preference over the years, the most promising fact you can rely on is that a lot of people behind the scenes are working extremely hard in spite of trends to make sure that growth is constant and as positive as possible. So even when things slow down for a bit, there is always progress.

Are there any young South African producers that’s getting it right?

A large part of my career is based around young SA producers who are killing the game, a few of my favourites in no particular order of preference: Buli, Vox Portent, YoYo, Oracles, Daev Martian, Broken Transient – I could talk for days on this subject.

Is it really that hard to make it out there; is it all about who you know, or is talent and passion still the biggest deal?

I am currently in my 10th year of Djing. Its definitely not easy or glamourous. Talent, hardwork and passion is what creates a strong foundation for you in the industry and gives you longevity. Knowing the right people can get you through a lot of the right doors but you still need to be able to back those opportunities up with substance.

Where can we follow you online:

Thanks and see you at GRIETFEST!

Images by Andy MKO

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