Why Rockin’ & Riding Is A Must Every Year!


Dusty Rebels & the Bombshells 2016

“It’s like an oasis of good tattoos, bad rides and stunning women!”

So, what more do you need? Throw in some bad-ass bands, a funfair, a burlesque show or two, and a half-pipe for skateboarding and BMXing, and you get this marvelous authentic rockabilly festival at the Ostrich Farm outside of Cape Town.

Now in its 4th year, the annual festival decided to change its name from Dusty Rebels & the Bombshells to Rockin’ & Riding. This year the festival opened early on the Saturday and festival goers had the option of sleeping over – A great idea for people driving from far to attend.

An Abundance of Fun

Rockin’ & Riding is so different from any other event in or around Cape town. It offers an abundance of fun to anyone – From kids to 80+ rebels and bombshells who appreciate the good things in life: the pin-up style, good food and drink, and insane hot rods!

You can spend the entire day at the event and not be bored once… From having your makeup and hair done the “pin-up way” at the Scar or MAC stalls, to watching beautiful ladies from all over the country take part in the Miss Betty Bombshell Pin-up Pageant.

One of my favourite things about the event is the fact that festival goers also show off their 1950s style – Red lips, leather jackets, Bettie Page hairstyles and vintage tattoos. The participation makes the festival feel like you genuinely travelled back in time!

The music line up was top-class again this year with heavy-weights like Taxi Violence, Dave Ferguson and Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop rocking the stage. Another nice addition this year was the half-pipe where Cape Town’s finest skateboarders and BMX riders showcased their skill.


The festival is stepping it up every year by bringing in a variety of new, different events, stalls and artists… I am looking forward to seeing what the organisers bring next year!

Well done Maria and Ziggy – Always a pleasure to attend!

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