Friar's Habit Brewery

Friar’s Habit Brewery at Capital Craft [Interview]

Friar's Habit Brewery

Friar’s Habit Brewery

On the 11th of June 2016 the fourth instalment of the CAPITAL CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL will be held at the PRETORIA NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDENS. Expect exciting music, liters of craft beer, good company and great food! DPC caught up with Friar’s Habit Brewery who will be at the festival this year:

Hi, thanks for chatting to DPC! The Capital Craft Beer Fest is around the corner, and you guys will be there – Please introduce us to your brand and the awesome team behind it? 

Thanks for inviting us! We’re three equal partners with very different backgrounds and skill sets. Louis, the brewer is a software architect by day; Jaco, our “beer engineer”, is a mechanical engineer; and Chris is our design guru. It’s a great blend of skills to have at the brewery.

The “Friar” is a reference to the Trappist monks of the Benedictine Order who were the custodians of beer since the 6th Century. These monks not only brewed most of the beer, but also recorded their recipes and improved them over time. Beer was a way of life. Due to the water being unsanitary, beer was the most consumed beverage. Everyone, including children, drank beer on a daily basis.

The “Habit” is a double entendre referring to the habit of brewing beer as well as the hooded tunics that the monks wore.

…And the history behind the brewery? 

Louis has been a home brewer for a very long time, and we all met over a few of his brews. That when the initial idea for the brewery took place and started the ball rolling. We are still small but we feel we have come a very long way.  

Please give us a short description of the different craft beers you offer at your brewery. 

Our signature beer is our California Common. It’s a steam-beer (basically an ale/lager hybrid). We do, however, love coming up with unique beers that push the boundaries. In the past we’ve done a bacon beer, a banana bread beer, and we have a pumpkin-spice Pilsner available in Spring. Expect to see a few more limited edition specialty beers from us.

Which is the most popular one?

Our California Common for sure. It’s a steam-beer (basically an ale/lager hybrid). The style originated in San Francisco and the western US, and was formed at the turn of the 20th century.

It has a clean, smooth finish with light caramel notes, showcasing the Northern Brewer Hop with woody, rustic or minty qualities.

Friar's Habit Brewery

With so many beers on tap at the festival, why should we come look for you, what makes you different?

What many breweries today have done is taken the easy route out with setting their roots. From day one we decided we would not contact brew. Every beer we produce, we make ourselves. This isn’t just a business model for us, its about the passion for beer.

Where can we follow you online:


Twitter: @FriarsHabit 

Instagram: @FriarsHabit 


Friar's Habit Brewery

If not at the festival, where can we come taste your beers? 

We are on tap at Capital craft in Menlo Park and Carbon Bistro in Brooklyn. We will be available at other bars and restaurants in the up coming months.

Lastly, please complete this for us:

Craft beer is… passion.

Friar's Habit Brewery


Venue: Pretoria National Botanical Garden
Tickets: R150 Online (Include Beer Mug and Site Map)
Facebook Event:
Date: 11 June 2016
Time: 10AM – 6PM



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