Kongos 2016

KONGOS chats to DPC before Oppikoppi

Kongos 2016

OPPIKOPPI 22: For The Lovely Young Taken To THE UNSEA

Oppikoppi 22 is approaching fast! And what better way to get psyched up than chatting to some of the major bands on the line up!? Have your tickets yet? Then you are in for a BALL… Not yet? Then you better get them super fast… like NOW!

DPC caught up with KONGOS to chat about new music, and SA’s biggest festival:

Hi guys, thanks for chatting to DPC! How has 2016 been this far – Have you played any major shows, toured a bit, etc.?

For sure! It’s been great – have played a few festivals but heavy touring starts July 1 where we’ll be supporting our new album Egomaniac.

Awesome! So, talk to us about your new album Egomaniac (Congrats by the way!). What is it all about and how is it different from your previous work, Lunatic

It’s not a concept album, but it’s definitely more themed and cohesive in it’s sonic and lyrical content.  The title kinda says it all.

People are really talking about “Take It From Me”. Do you see this going where “Come With Me Now” went?

It’s so hard to tell right now. Songs like “Come With Me Now” are generally anomalies in a musical career.

Kongos 2016

You probably get this a lot, but was it hard getting another single off the ground after the massive success of “Come With Me Now”? 

I think that success only helped us..no one knew who we were before that song so now we have an audience.

You guys have spoken about the “KONGOS Sound”. What is that, and what does it sound like? 

I guess the KONGOS sound is difficult to describe..probably why we call it the KONGOS sound – #egomaniac

You made a name for yourselves all around the world, but of course it took some hard work. Any advice for upcoming artists in South Africa who wants to make it big? 

Keep pushing…things take time.  We were doing this for 10 years before anything started to happen.  Also focus on your songwriting…nothing is more important.

Kongos 2016

After all these years, is it still easy to work with family – To tour as brothers? 

At the end of the day…yes for sure.

You’ve been to Oppikoppi before – What is it like? Any advice for anyone going for the first time?

It is one of the craziest festivals we’ve ever been to. It feels post apocalyptic.  Bring your dust mask.

For sure! What can we expect from your set at Oppikoppi this year? Any surprises?

Lots of new songs and some new cool production elements.

If we bump into you at the festival, what drinks can we buy you at the bar?

Scotch Scotch Scotch..

Awesome, good to know! Finally, do you guys see yourselves living in South Africa permanently one day?

It’s hard to say right now…with all the touring and work we’re doing, it makes sense for us to be in the States but we’ve always kept SA in the back of our mind as a possible place to end up.

 Thanks and see you at Oppikoppi! 

Oppikoppi Line up 2016

KONGOS Tour: OppiKoppi 22: For the lovely young taken to THE UNSEA

5,6,7 August
(And take Monday the 8th off to lick your wounds straight through till the holiday on Tuesday the 9th)

Venue: OppiKoppi Farm, Northam, Limpopo
– Kreesmas Tickets: R650 (30 Nov – 24 Dec) – SOLD OUT
– Early Bird Tickets: R800 (valid until 1 April) – SOLD OUT
– General Admission: R850 (2 April – 31 July)
– Late Tickets: R950 (1 August – 7 August)

Other Shows:

Kongos Live in Durban

Date: 03 August 2016

Venue: Durban Botanic Gardens

Artists: Kongos & SA Artists. 

Ticket Price: R350 from Computicket

Tickets available here

Gates open: 17h00


One Night in Cape Town – Kongos

Venue: The Hillcrest Quarry

Date: 05 August 2016

Artists: Kongos & SA Artists

Ticket Price: R400 from Computicket

Tickets available here

Gates open: 19h00




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