Majozi 2016

Majozi Chats to DPC

Majozi 2016

Majozi Interview

Majozi has just completed his debut full length album, Fire, which radiates his sincere honesty and magnetic humility through every heartfelt chord and melody line on the 12 songs on the album. Working with Hugo Ludik on production, Majozi has crafted an uplifting album founded on organic, rootsy guitars, uplifting sing-along choruses and huge vocal production that brings the listener right into the stories that Majozi artfully crafts on this record. DPC caught up with the man behind the music to chat about the album and a few other things:

Hi Majozi, thanks for chatting to DPC! 
Thanks for chatting to me!

You just released your debut full length album, Fire. Tell us all about it. How is it different from your first EP and who worked with you on the album? 
I’m really proud of this full length album. I think my writing has matured since my last EP, and you’ll hear a lot more sincerity and honesty in the songs. Overall you’ll still feel uplifted, but I tried to dig deeper so those happy songs would mean more.

How has the album been doing so far? We heard it charted on iTunes?
Ya, it made it to No. 3 on the day of release. SO we are pretty stoked about that.

You recently moved to Cape Town. How are you experiencing the Mother City, and how different is it from your home city, Durban?
I love it. It was difficult at first, I’m like a grown baby man, but eventually I adjusted. The culture in Cape Town is very different to Durban, but they do have some similarities, plus I have so many friends from Durban who live in Cape Town.

Majozi 2016

Who or what are your inspiration/s, not only in your music, but life in general?
Jesus will always be a big inspiration in my life, and the my general reason for everything, Musically I’m really influenced by Kings of Leon, Jack Garrat, Shakey Graves, Thrice and my friends around me really influence my life too.

How difficult is it making a name for yourself in the SA music scene these days?
I think anything worth doing will always be difficult to some degree. Its how you go about making it that really counts. I love what I do, and nothing is ever really a chore. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, but then I remember at the end of the day I’m doing what I love, and with that comes responsibilities, plus I’m not in this alone.

What is your personal favourite song on the album? 
Our Last Goodbye. It’s a story about a father saying goodbye to his daughter on his death bed. It sounds morbid, but it kinda has a happy ending.

Majozi 2016

Any cool new music videos to share?
I’m really excited about the next one, but I’m gonna keep the details for that close to my chest.

Can we expect an SA tour soon? 
I’m lucky enough to have a busy schedule already. I have my official launch on the 2nd of June at Greenmarket square in Cape Town, and I’m doing a Barnyard tour, with my good friends Monark on the 6,7 9 and 22 of June ( Pretoria, Durban, Cpt, and Joburg).

Where can we follow you online:
Facebook: www.facebook/majozimusic
Twitter: @NhlanhlaMajozi
Instagram: @Majozimusic

Where can we listen to your music online, and/or buy it?

My album should be on every recognized download and streaming platform, and in most Musica stores across the country. If not give us a shot and we’ll rectify that 😉

Download Fire:

Thanks Majozi and all the best for the rest of 2016!


Photos by Marlon Du Plooy.


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