Miagii Releases New Single [Review]


Miagii – Nothing At All

If you haven’t heard of Johannesburg’s Miagii, you’re missing out big time! The 4-piece band has just released a brand new video for their 2nd single Nothing At All taken from the their debut EP You’re Freaking Out Right Now.

I caught up with Josh Roscoe from the band to chat about their music and plans for 2017 – Keep an eye on these guys, they are insane!

Hi Josh, thank you for chatting to DPC – Great pleasure for me!

Thank you for having me!

No problem. You just released a new single – Congrats! I’m impressed. For those who haven’t seen it yet, what is the song about?

Haha, thanks.

Nothing At All is about youth, adventure, angst, struggles, love, fighting, victory, failure, etc. I guess it has different meanings to everyone in the band, and people can listen to the song and take whatever they want away from it.

Awesome. So, who worked with you on the video? – I love it, by the way! Also, do you guys actually skate when you are not making music?

Chuck and Hanro are fairly proficient skateboarders, Marc and myself, not so much 😉 We were great at keeping the beers cold though.

Thank you, we couldn’t have done it without our exceptionally talented crew, consisting of Richard Oldfield, who directed and shot a lot of the video, and Bradley Grieve who filmed a ton of beautiful footage which made our job, the edit, a lot easier.

So, who are the guys behind Miagii? Where are you from and when and how did the band form?

MIAGII was formed around November 2015. We’ve all been close friends in various capacities for some time, and we’ve always connected on similar music tastes, so it seemed a no brainer that we’d end up forming a band together at some point.

Marc de la Querra – VOX and Guitar
Josh Roscoe – Drums and Backing VOX
Hanro Havenga – Bass
Gerard Chuck Becker – Lead guitar

You also released your debut EP – How has it been received so far and what’s the title ‘You’re Freaking Out Right Now” about?

Yeah! We’ve been super happy with the reception we’ve received from the album. It’s tough breaking through the noise as a new band, especially when there is a world of really great releases refreshing every thirty minutes on your Apple Music feed (what a time to be alive). We went to a lot of effort to make sure we were noticed straight out of the gate by doing music videos, promos, and a DIY zine called Dethweed that came with the album. (dethweed.com)

As far as the title goes, for us it just sums up the general tone of the album lyrically and musically. It kinda means everything and nothing at the same time.

Haha, great! So, your sound is a mix between grunge, surf and punk, who are your influences in these genres?

The obvious ones:

Violent Soho, Nirvana, Wavves, Foo Fighters, Fidlar, Twin Peaks, etc.

The less obvious ones:

G Eazy, Every Time I Die, Vince Staples, Vic Mensa and a lot of folk music in between.

And, are you touring this summer or playing a few shows? If so, where can we catch you live?

We’re going into studio in December to track our next release, so we’re taking it easy on that front until next year. January has a couple bangers though, follow them here:


Can we listen to your music online, and/or buy it?

Apple Music – here
Spotify – here
Deezer – here

And some torrent site I just found – here


Haha! So, finally, what can we expect from you in 2017?

We have plans to release a couple new EPs, play some tours, shoot a few music videos, produce a couple new Dethweed editions, create some merch, play a couple shows, share some cat photos/dog photos/dank memes – you know the drill.


Rad! Thank you!




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