Grietfest 2016 line up

STAB Virus for GRIETFEST [Interview]

STAB Virus on GRIETFEST line up

Grietfest 2016 line up

Grietfest 2016 is around the corner! Grietfest is brought to you by Olmeca Tequila and Red Bull Studios and will take place on the 27th of August 2016 at the Container Yard venue in Johannesburg. This year’s event sees four stages with three international acts. We caught up with local act STAB Virus to talk about their work and the festival:

Hey guys, thanks for chatting to DPC. So, who’s the two people behind the music?

Hey, thank you for having us. STAB Virus is an army of two, Makonwabe Bekwa & Siphe Tebeka. We both from Cape Town, Makonwabe is from a township called Langa, and Siphe is from Gugulethu.

How do you explain your sound? How is it different to other artists and producers?                                                                                                      

We wanna be different, we fusing international sound with african sound, and each and every song we wanna do we wanna have some african percussion or instruments, it’s hard but it’s still the beginning.

Will this be your first GRIETFEST? If so, what are you looking forward to?

Yes, this is our first Grietfest and we are so excited. We’ve heard a lot about the festival, and how crazy it is. We cant wait to play our music and meet new people. It’s our first gig in JHB.

Any special tricks up your sleeve for your performance at the festival? What can we look forward to?

We still thinking to have a unique STAB Virus image, we hoping to figure out soon.

Looking at the line up, what other artists do you recommend we see?

Sibot x Toyota, Killer Robot, Das Kapotal, Danalog, Yeti and we can’t wait to see Dimension for the first time.

What time and on what stage can we catch you?

We’ll be rocking REDBULL Stage.

Grietfest 2016 line up

Besides yourself, are there any young South African producers that’s getting it right?

Yes, a lot. We have our own Deep Aztec & Lastborn here in CPT. The production is sick, and can’t wait for the whole world to hear about them. It’s amazing.

Is it really that hard to make it out there; is it all about who you know, or is talent and passion still the biggest deal?

We believe in ourselves, our songs will speak on our behalf. And the song Coyu remixed gave us confidence. And there’s more coming.

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