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Cape Brandy Oude Molen

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Are you looking for the perfect, unique Christmas gift? Oude Molen, one of South Africa’s oldest brandy distilleries, has been perfecting the craft of brandy making for over a century and offers award-winning premium Cape Brandies. Setting the bar for refined, elegant and opulent brandy, it is the perfect Christmas gift for brandy drinkers and premium spirits lovers.

How is it made?

Oude Molen’s brandy is produced according to the age-old French traditions, adopted by Dutch born distiller, René Santhagens in 1910. These centuries-old techniques combined with the perfect marriage of terrior and craftsmanship defines the luxury indulgence of the XO, VSOP and VS brandies.

There is a different taste profile and one to suit every pocket, beautifully packaged and great as a gift.

Oude Molen VS Cape Brandy – R350 a bottle

Matured in oak barrels for at least 3 years with brandy between 3 and 6 years old used in the making.

The Taste

Matured using the Spanish Solera method, this VS has a consistently smooth taste with a unique European twist. Sherry, wood and walnut aromas mask a subtle bouquet of apricot, sweet vanilla and tropical fruit. A full and fruity taste, with spices and nuts, give it a soft, fresh and a long lasting finish. 

The Perfect Pairing

An elegant and mature cheddar harmonises the fruit and sherry notes of the VS Cape Brandy. The brandy in return is softened and smoothed in the mouth.Cape Brandy Oude Molen

Oude Molen VSOP Cape Brandy – R400 a bottle

The VSOP Cape Brandy was recently given the highest accolade at the Michaelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards with its Double Gold win. Matured in oak barrels for at least 5 years with brandy between 5 and 8 years old used in the VSOP.

The Taste

Caramel, peaches and citrus scent with a taste of dried fruit, spices, raisins with a subtle nuttiness. The finish is long and warming with a lingering and fruity sweetness.

The Perfect Pairing

A dark chocolate orange lifts the taste of the citrus and the bitterness of the dark chocolate gently enhances the nutty flavour of the VSOP Cape Brandy. Cape Brandy Oude Molen

Oude Molen XO Cape Brandy – Price: R800 a bottle

This cognac equivalent XO won gold at the 2016 Global Spirits Masters in the Brandy Master category, and was the only South African distiller to win gold in the competition. Most recently, the XO was awarded gold at the Michaelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards. Matured in oak barrels for at least 10 years with brandy between 10 and 16 years old brandy used in the XO.

The Taste

Coconut and tropical fruit entice the nose, with hints of litchi and banana. These open up to a deep fruit palate with peach and apricot undertones. Subtle oak lingers on the swallow, with coconut and a long lasting finish.

The Perfect Pairing

A world famous and truly decadent French cheese like Camembert enhances the smooth finish of the XO Cape Brandy. The luxuriously soft mouth feel of the cheese, magically enhances the smooth finish of the XO Cape Brandy. The brandy in return unlocks flavours of nuts and spices.

Available at the Oude Molen Distillery in Grabouw and selected liquor stores nationwide. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

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