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You know those people who get excited about things that aren’t even close to any sort of a reality yet? I am that person. I dream up extraordinary things for myself and get trilled about it as if it is already set in stone.

At the beginning of the year I decided to plan a trip around July and August. Nothing fancy, nothing too expensive, just a week or two in a country myself and Jakes have never been too.

I did some research and immediately my focus turned towards Europe. I’ve been to the Middle East and Asia, and South Europe looked like a dream. Because I am a music fanatic (and Europe is mostly the core of bands’ touring schedules), I began looking at concerts throughout the continent. Hundreds of shows came up, and I learned that massive internationals like System Of A Down, Eddie Vedder, The Cranberries and Marilyn Manson will all be playing in Italy around the end of July. So, I decided, Italy and Greece would be a trip of a lifetime. The two countries are close enough for cheap in-between flights, and the accommodation looked decently priced.

And just like that, it was dead set. We would do Italy for a few days, go to all the concerts, and then travel to Corfu (a nearby Greek island) and Greece to relax for a few days before we head back.

Great Expectations

And so the extensive planning began. I contacted numerous travel agents, I searched every possible airline and booking site for affordable flights, searched for accommodation close to the venues and even worked out the distances between concert venues. Of course I also used a decent few pages in my journal for all the planning…

Thoughts of Italy and Greece filled my days. It wasn’t a dream, we were actually, really going. Except, nothing was booked yet. But it was just a matter of time, right?

A few days went by and two travel agents replied to my emails. I opened the mails and immediately scrolled to the quotes. I looked at the dates, all good there; I checked the prices, no worries! Everything looked one hundred percent. But then it struck me – The quotes are obviously worked out per person! Okay no worries, I can work around it, I thought. I opened the calculator on my phone and quickly checked a few figures.

Flights, accommodation and entrance tickets worked out to R30 000 per person! No food, no sightseeing money included… My travel plans suddenly looked like a decent deposit for a small house.

(Thought: I should really try not to be the master of expectations).

Of course I realise that backpacking is the way to go, and travelling doesn’t have to include expensive concerts, but that was the dream. And that dream was now somewhat shattered.

A Different Adventure

But, as they say, out of disappointment comes new direction. And so I got to plan an entirely different trip, which I will share more about very soon!

Yes, I was quite despondent after throwing away the Italian holiday plans and budgets, but I am beyond excited for a new adventure and can’t wait to just get on the plane in a few weeks.

So for now, dear Italy and Greece, I’m left to only look at pictures of you and start dreaming all over again.

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