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Oh Mama Africa… How much has been said and written about her! Only once you’ve visited one of her beautiful countries will you understand the fascination and love people around the world have for it. And even more so, the people that live on this continent!

What makes you African has very little to do with the city or town you come from or the language you speak; It is that magical feeling inside of you that cheers and celebrates when somebody from Africa wins gold at the Olympics, acts in a renowned film or does a TEDx talk. It is that powerful pride and passion that can be found in people living on the beautiful coastlines of South Africa, the people living on the old streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the stretched plateaus of Kenya.

Africa is a special place; a place rich in diversity, languages and cultures, but a place firmly united in one thing: the love for the continent.

Travel to Africa

Have you always been drawn to the fiery Afro-jazz rhythms and peri-peri tang of Mozambique? Do you want to lose yourself in the mesmerising landscapes and sweet embrace of solitude in Botswana? Does your soul crave the romance and mystique of Morocco? Or perhaps you want to chase the thrill of wild nights in the heart of Nigeria? With so many options, Africa makes it quite difficult to choose a future favourite…

Which Country To Visit?

If you have a secret dream of visiting Africa, but you’re not quite sure which country to travel to first, Travelstart has developed a super fun quiz to help you find out…

Travelstart South Africa, the cheap flights provider and leading Online Travel Agency in Africa, invites you to explore the unique rhythm of Africa and find out which country you secretly want to explore.

Get ready to embark on your next great adventure and discover the irresistible magic of Africa with Travelstart!

Take the quiz: HERE

Go on, go find your African roots!

Travel to Africa

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