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5 Tips For A Road Trip To The Eastern Cape

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Road Tripping To The Eastern Cape

No matter what type of adventure you are looking for a coastal escape, or a unique wildlife experience the Eastern Cape offers a whole world in one region. Rich in history, The Eastern Cape is also one of South Africa’s most unspoiled provinces; a cultural melting pot and the perfect destination for a road trip.

The best way to explore this diverse province is in your own car or a rented vehicle It allows you to experience every part of this extraordinary area. I recently road tripped to the Eastern Cape from Cape Town and, although not my first trip to the area, I fell in love with every corner of the region! Here are a few tips if you are planning to go there soon:

Pack Light

The Eastern Cape’s climate is varied, but mostly humid and mild. In Winter (April to August) the temperatures range from 7º to 20º C. In summer the temperatures range from 16º to 26º C. So, there is no need for suitcases full of clothes – In most seasons you can basically live in your bathing suit!

The Eastern Cape also offers unique shopping experiences From large markets to stalls along the street. You can buy beautifully made, unique pieces made out of local fabric.


Take your tent and go off the main road

For anyone wanting to go off the beaten track, this region is the perfect place to do it! The scenic province has literally hundreds of beautiful camping spots, spectacular hiking trails and  Browse Google Maps to find them and be sure to make a booking before you arrive.

Also make sure you are able to reach your destination with your vehicle Many roads require you to have a 4 x 4, or at least a 4-wheel drive option.

Eastern Cape

Be prepared to stop often

From amazing wildlife to picturesque beach spots, the Eastern Cape is a photographer’s dream! It is best to avoid a fixed time frame or itinerary, as you will want to stop often and stay longer in some areas. Your most vital tip – Do not forget your camera!

Eastern Cape

Go early

Many of the wildlife parks in the Eastern Cape open early (around 7 am) – Make use of this! You can avoid large travel groups and tourists, and experience some unique animal sightings Completely unhindered.

Ask a local

Do not be afraid to ask a local. Many of them know of great accommodation offerings, hidden sight-seeing areas, secret swimming spots and scenic hiking trails. The locals are friendly and very eager to help. Be aware and cautious, but do not hesitate to make friends at your guest house, camping venue and backpackers!

Eastern Cape

If you are looking for the perfect road trip destination in South Africa, the Eastern Cape is it! Nestled between the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape has everything to offer  Beautiful, long beaches, a plethora of wildlife, traditional African villages, historical sites and more! 

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  1. We went to King Williams Town briefly in July last year and it was absolutely freezing. It was our first Eastern Cape trip and made us rather cautious about the weather for our next one!

    1. Oh no! Yes, the snowy parts can make it quite cold! But consider going in the warmer months, you will have the time of your lives 😉

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