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My Tips For Planning A Trip

Travel Tips

My Travel Tips (That Actually Work)

If you ask me what my biggest passions are, travelling will be one of the top things on my list. Even though I haven’t been to many countries, I’ve fallen in love with travelling many times. This year, I’m planning a trip to Indonesia, and it has been really fun working everything out. Not everyone is fond of the “admin” side of travelling, but if you’re like me, you’ll find this one of the most exciting parts of it!

Travel Tips

So, if you’re planning on travelling in the near future, here are a few of my travel tips that you can keep in mind when you start planning your trip:

Skyscanner is great for finding the best flights

I couldn’t decide on a destination, and had to keep my budget in mind, so Skyscanner made it really easy for me.

Not sure where to go? Simply choose your destination as “Everywhere” and it will respond with a list of countries with rates from low to high! Plus, if you are not sure about your dates, you can check the whole year or the cheapest month and choose dates that suit your pocket.

travel tips


Minube for when I’m stuck

Minube is perfect for when you are quite clueless. I use it mainly as a guide. The app lets you plan a trip to a destination of your choice and then suggests a variety of places that you might want to see in that area (including accommodation, activities, beaches, temples, etc.).

It’s a great guide to find places that you can add to your own list of “places to see” and “things to do”. Download the app and try it now!

Travel Tips is my go-to site for booking accommodation

This site is absolutely incredible. Many people have told me that it is cheaper to book directly from the hotel or guest house’s website, but here are my secrets: Once you’ve booked 5 or more places on, you become a Premium Member. This means that you get deals at ridiculous prices plus benefits like checking in early and upgrading to better rooms. The other fantastic thing about is that you can search for the perfect type of accommodation – Want a pet-friendly spot, a room with a balcony or somewhere close to the beach? No problem, just add a few filters and you’ll find a list of all the places that fit your every requirement.

You also have the option of paying at the property on some of the listings, and confirming a booking only takes 2 minutes!

Travel Tips

So, these are the 3 things I use when planning a trip – Local and international! And if you don’t have anything in the pipeline, try it anyway for some inspiration.

By the way, anyone can travel. I’ve thought for many years that I have to make lots of money before I can book a plane ticket, but the reality is that local travel is just as fun, and even just going to the nearest town is also called travelling!



Where are you planning to go next?


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  1. A great informative post! I just returned from my trip to Indonesia and used for a lot of it! I haven’t heard of Minube but sounds like a fab app – thank you.
    Kristie – you.theworld.wandering

  2. Referring to whhat you say about Booking, let me say that in my opinion, that is obviously influenced by the fact that I am a host, you have a short term vision. Booking is for sure a great search engine, but when one comes to pricing things are slightly different from the common belief. Booking, as well as other OTA’s, is getting 15-20 % commission by the hotel, much more than old style travel agencies used to do (typically 10 %). That means that, in the long term, hotels must recover that money either by increasing the base price or reducing the quality of the rooms/service. You might not notice that immediately but once a hotel starts, for example, reducing the breakfast time from, say, 7-10.30 a.m. to 7.30-10 a.m., that means less comfort for you and a certain number of people having paid for breakfast and not getting it. Or the hotel might start becoming more strict with the cancellation policy. Before becoming a host I have been for over 30 years a guest. Before Booking the normality, apart from hotels operating essentially on a seasonal basis, was “no cancellation fee if cancellation occurs before 4, or even 6, p.m. of the arrival date”. Nowadays you have to notify the cancellation 1, 2 or more days in advance. That means that there are a certain number of guests paying for not staying. Is that really a good deal? I believe it isn’t.
    Give a look here and you will see how you may save money on proprietary web-sites.
    P.S. If you are convinced that your credit card data are safer if handled by Booking, you are again wrong. After being received by Booking, data are transferred to the hotel. Isn’t it safer to give the data only to the hotel?

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes, it makes sense. But especially when time is a factor, it just helps. I make a point of it not to cancel for any reason other than an emergency, but I am sure lots of people do.

      Also, I’ve never used my credit card on this site, I’ve always paid with the hotel or guest house straight 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    I was not aware of the Minube app.
    Need to try that one out !
    The “everywhere” option on skyscanner is very useful indeed.

  4. This was a very interesting read with some great tip especially for skyscanner as I can sit there forever looking at each place individually. This will save me time and money now to have more trips

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