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Sell Your Car & Buy a Van for a Road Trip

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Yes, yes, I know, we’ve all seen those perfect Instagram pictures of the so-called incredible “van-life”. You root up your life in exchange for life on the road, visiting picture-perfect locations and sleeping at the back of your cosy new “home”.

The idea of travelling full-time seems inviting yes, but there is the less glamorous side to it. So, if you’ve ever wanted to quit your job, sell your car to buy a van, and go on a road trip around South Africa, listen up:

It’s a major life decision!

But, you have to live a little… So, why not start small by first just buying a bigger car and taking shorter road trips? It’s not as scary as rooting up your entire life. However, you have to save a bit of money (a road trip is anything but cheap!). Selling a few white elephants around the house and, of course, getting cash for your current car (get a free quote from will bring in those extra bucks!

If you decide to ‘go big or go home’ and jump into full-time travel, here’s what you might want to keep in mind:

Travel Blog South Africa

Comfort in the back of a van

You don’t want to feel like you are living in a metal box with a mattress thrown in the back. So, make sure when you get a van, it’s spacious and comfortable. You’ll spend a considerable amount of the time in it, so make it as warm and cosy as possible. A good mattress will do wonders for you after a long day on the road. You’ll also lose a lot of your heat through the windows, so hang up thermal curtains while you’re at it.

Stay fresh

Even though you can sleep anywhere, it’s probably a good idea to sleep in camping areas where there are toilet and showering facilities. There is nothing like a fresh shower to get you back on the road in positive spirits.

But it’s also not too hard to stay clean on the road! Dry shampoo, deodorants and baby wipes are all excellent products to pack.

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Stay safe

Safety and security are high on the list of priorities! So invest in an alarm, and have a first aid kit in the van with you at all times.

It’s a major life decision

Yeah, travelling around a country in a van is not for everyone, it’s a massive life decision. Yes, there will be moments of pure happiness, and you’ll make a lot of memories. But what about the other times? The breakdowns, the pouring rain and the flat tires? In order to appreciate the beauty of the good times, you might just have to go through a lot of crap! However, I do believe it can be really rewarding!

But remember: If you do decide to take on the road, quit your job and sell your car, make sure you go prepared  for the good and the bad!

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