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Adventure Man Releases New Album [Interview]

Adventure Man

Adventure Man Releases Dog Daze

Joburg-based band, Adventure Man, just released their brand new album, Dog Daze. The album comes after the release of the first single and music video, Let’s Stay Home, earlier this month.

I had a quick chat with Gad De Combes about the album and the new video:


Hi there! Thanks for the chat. I saw you at Oppikoppi last year! Please introduce the band, so I can say hi next time?

That oppi gig was so much fun! The band has shuffled a bit since then, Cole plays bass, Becca sings, Po-Chung plays drums, and our co-producer Adrian has been filling in on guitar.

So, you only recently recruited Rebecca to be a full-time member of the band. How did that happen?

I had written let’s stay home, and felt it really needed a female perspective. The producers Jacques and Adrian played me a recording of Mountains of Men, where Becca had featured, and I knew we had the right person! After she came in to record, we were all so impressed with her, we asked her to join full time, which she did!

Will you change your name to Adventure People now, perhaps?

Haha, I’m trying to get everyone to adopt superhero personalities, we need a league name (we should run a competition 😉 ).

You really should! You also just released a new album, Dog Daze, on the 24th of March. That’s awesome news. What is the title about, is there a theme and who worked with you on it?

The album was inspired by the track I wrote for my pug Shaniqua. When I played it for my other dogs, they got crazy jealous, so I went about writing them songs. To round the album off, I got my friends to join for some collabs. Grassy Spark and Jon Shaban appear, as well as my brother (DDC).

How is the album different from your debut offering, Out of Order, which you released as a solo artist?

I was a solo musician for a long time, and only put a band together after my first album. It was nice to get the band involved, I play /write almost everything, but the band members are each playing on at least one track on the album.

Adventure Man

You also released a new video for the single, Let’s Stay Home, recently. I heard you did it within 14 hours in your practice room – Tell us about the process. It’s quite a fun, colourful video – What is the song and video about?

We set up a greenscreen in my lounge, and filmed everyone and everything we got our hands on. Using slick editing, everything we filmed was squished together to create a trip of a video!

Will there be a few launch shows for the new album?

Yes! We’ll be launching our new album at in Cape Town on the 31st of March at Manila Bar and on the 1st of April at Aandklas Stellenbosch with Diamond Thug and Veladraco.

Cool! Where can we buy the album?



Awesome! Thanks for the chat!


DOG DAZE Track Listing:

  1.   Dog Days
  2.   Let’s Stay Home (feat. Rebecca Taylor)
  3.   Bruno (feat. DDC)
  4.   Phantom Babies
  5. My Basenji (feat. DDC)
  6. Escape The Mall (feat. Jon Shaban)
  7. Playing Games (feat. Rebecca Taylor)
  8. Sorry Shaniqua
  9. Sublime (feat. Grassy Spark)
  10. A Song For You
  11. Sorry Shaniqua Remix (Simon Ackermann Remix)


Photos by Allison Martin and Mark Welvering.
Drawing by Rebecca Taylor.



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