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Blood Brothers Welcomes Jason Hinch Back [Interview]

Blood brothers SA

An Interview With Jason Hinch

This September, 10 of South Africa’s local rock legends will once again unite as one in the battle against cancer, in support of the Vrede Foundation. For the 3rd annual Blood Brothers, South Africa’s first rock supergroup welcomes back drummer Jason Hinch, to perform at The Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg.

I had a quick chat with Jason to discuss the event. Here’s what he said:

Hi and thanks for talking to DPC about this year’s Blood Brothers event!

Hey! No problem at all. Thanks for having me.

Now in its third year, and you being a veteran, how will this year be different to the previous events?

Firstly, we’re in a new venue this year, which brings the action a lot closer to people. We’re at at The Good Luck Bar, one of the best venues in SA. We’re very happy to be there. Also, the lineup is obviously different as always. This year’s is mental. We’ve got Francois van Coke, Garth Barnes from CrashCarBurn/Tweak, Hanu from The Narrow, Albert Frost, Loandi Boersma and Jaco Mans on lead guitar duties, just to name a few.

One of the main reasons Blood Brothers is such a blast is because some of the things that happen when you get ten people together like this will never happen again. Where else can you see Hanu from the Narrow cover Rage Against the Machine with Francois van Coke on backing vocals, Albert Frost on guitar, Chris van der Walt on bass and all of that with two drummers? It’s just a really, really rad thing to see if you’re even remotely a fan of local or just rock music in general.

Absolutely! So, do you all know each other and, if not, is there a meeting before the event to introduce everyone?

We all know each other from shows etc so no, there’s no big meeting for everyone until the first rehearsals. I can tell you though that there’s a Whatsapp group.. Which, let’s just say, is pretty active haha.

I can only imagine! Haha. So, you’ve played drums for many bands including Albert Frost, Bok van Blerk, The Black Cat Bones and for many artists across numerous genres, does this help in preparing for Blood Brothers; playing a variety of different songs with nine other musicians?

Definitely. The setlist is always huge, consisting of about 30 of the biggest local and international rock songs of all time. You can expect everything from Led Zeppelin to Blink 182 and from Tweak to Albert Frost. Being able to play different styles is just something that takes time. Another aspect to think about though is the fact that there are always two drummers for this show. For the first two years it was Isaac Klawansky  from Shadowclub and me. This year it’s Jason Oosthuizen from Van Coke Kartel joining me on stick duties. We each do about a third of the set alone but the last third is double-drummer action. It’s definitely a vibe and it’s something you never really get to see anywhere else.

When and where do you rehearse for the show? And is it difficult to get everyone together?

We’re all very active musicians touring and recording-wise, so yes, it is quite hectic getting everyone together but at the end of the day we’re all just happy to be doing something for such a great cause. We rehearse wherever makes sense for the show. In previous years there were only three JHB based musicians so they flew us down for rehearsals in CT. This year leans more towards JHB so rehearsals are held here. Because of everyone’s crazy schedules we normally do about 3 solid days of rehearsal right before the show and then hit it from there. Those 3 days are super hectic but a lot of fun.

Jason Hinch

So, the event is held annually in support of the Vrede Foundation. Can you tell us a little bit about the cause and why it is important to you?

Blood Brothers is an initiative by the Vrede Foundation which is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation aimed at raising money and awareness about youth cancer. Raising awareness about cancer amongst young people in order to better help prevention and early diagnosis is the main cause as well as raising money to aid young people already diagnosed with cancer, who might not be able to afford treatment otherwise. Those are the two main goals. To be a part of such a worthwhile cause is a big deal to me and I’m just super happy to be able to help in any way.

Every year the group covers many famous songs, if it is not too much of a secret, can you share one or two of tracks that you guys are performing this year or even artists you are covering?

I don’t wanna give too much away, but as I say you can expect everything from Led Zeppelin to Blink 182, Tweak to Albert Frost, and anything in between.

Sounds like a party! Soooo, will there be a Cape Town show (holding thumbs)?

There isn’t one booked as of right now, but we’ve done CT before and hopefully we can do it again. Last time was a blast.

Aw okay, thanks, and all the best with the preparation!

No problem! Thanks for having me. Later!

Blood Brothers Event Details

With 3 hours of non-stop rock ’n roll, the battle lines have been drawn. Pick your side, buy your
ticket. #tenunite
Date: 30 September 2017
Venue: The Good Luck Bar, Johannesburg
Entrance Fee: R200 (Early Bird Limited), R250 (Online & Door)
Time: 2PM – 90s Pre-Party | 8PM Blood Brothers
Book Online: Plankton http://bit.ly/2tfDo6b
Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/2t3IFcI

Blood Brothers South Africa


Photos: Andre Badenhorst



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