Glen Hartmann

Glen Hartmann Releases Ready To Fight This

Glen Hartmann

Glen Hartmann Releases New Song

Ready To Fight This is about how we have this battle in our mind, maybe it comes from the outside or maybe it comes from the inside, to a point that we can become our own worst enemy…” – Glen Hartmann

Cape Town-based Glen Hartmann is an electro pop/folk artist known for his ability to capture a crowd by simultaneously singing, strumming an acoustic guitar and beating a kick drum, while incorporating signature pulsating synths. On occasion he will awe his audience by performing with the flute. Glen also plays the piano and electric guitar in his live performance.

Glen’s passion, unique voice and lyrical depth mixed with his captivating melodies make it all too easy to fall in love with his music.

Until recently, Glen had recorded his music at home, in his room. This material has been playlisted on radio stations throughout South Africa. Glen has also performed live on various national television shows. His self-recorded first ever EP, “For the Hurricane Chaser”, was featured on popular international music website “Noisetrade”.

Today, Glen’s latest song “Ready to Fight This” was released.

“…somehow we have to find the strength to keep going. But when we find it, what we actually need, all the stuff that brings us down has no more power in our lives. That is when our heart begins to beat intensely...” – Glen Hartmann

Listen to Ready To Fight This


Glen Hartmann


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