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Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys Releases Album [Review]

The album is slow, but perfectly so. I can imagine the entire album being used as the soundtrack of an art nouveau film. Listening to Summer’s Not That Simple, it felt as if I was listening to a series of intimate stories being told, perhaps even secrets. The Lost Boys work magic with their instruments in harmony with Lucy’s voice.

Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys have united again. This time to present a new album, Summer’s Not That Simple. This is the first full-length album from the collaborative group. The Lost Boys, consisting of Andre Leo, Lucas Swart, Calvin Siderfin and Werner von Waltsleben, have been working with the talented Lucy for a number of years, creating music that can only be described as dreamy, even eerie at times, and captivating from start to finish.

Summer’s Not That Simple has a very delicate balance, one that can easily be disturbed, but never does. Lucy’s lyrics and vocals bring a certain atmosphere to the tracks – At times an unsettling one, but strangely comforting.

The first track, Empty Hands’ sets the tone for the rest of the tracks; a gentle rhythm with Lucy’s enchanting voice dancing over the instruments. The third and fourth track, ‘Could We Leave This’ and ‘Blue Leaves’ have an almost lullaby-feel to it, slowly taking you on a musical journey with an entrancing path. “Grace” is a darker track with a slightly more solid and consistent drum and guitar beat; A swaying song with breathy, but perfectly clear vocals from Lucy.

The drumming throughout the album is subtle, with it only becoming a bit more apparent on the track ‘My Love’. With ‘Fort’ focusing on a beautiful guitar rhythm to create the perfect final track to the album; like the final chapter of a book.

The album is incredibly consistent; A collection of stories being told over a beautiful mix of instruments.

DPC scores: 9/10


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More About The Album

Most of the songs were written in a small spare room in the summer of 2016, workshopped with the band in the autumn and recorded in the winter at Digital Forest Studios with Dave Langemann.

The band has been lucky enough to work with Permanent Record who has released the album onto vinyl. The vinyl package consists of a 180g black & white split colour vinyl and printed inner sleeve and will be available at the show along with a selection of merchandise.


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