Abraham Metal Band

Abraham Releases New Video

Abraham Metal Band

Abraham Releases Vulvaire

Abraham emerged from the thriving Swiss music scene of the past decade. During their now 8 years of existence and through many festivals and tours, the band have forged a strong reputation as one of the leading post metal bands in Europe. But their new record, Look, Here Comes The Dark! set for realease in May, is quite something else.

About The New Album

Something else in every imaginable regard: intensity. Conceptuality. Ferocity. Delivery. Obsession. Depth. Length. Darkness. Madness. Look, Here Comes The Dark! is, simply put, a concept album about the end of times: a classic post-apocalyptic dystopia.

The album is divided into four consecutive periods, one for each vinyl record, throughout which the story of the disappearance of all life on Earth is told. Each section is defined by a unique approach in terms of style, songwriting, degree of experimentation and choice of instrumentation. Producer Magnus Lindberg from Cult Of Luna has taken an approach that honors each part’s own integrity and identity, and mixed the drums, guitars, synths, vocals diferently for each part, as if they were independent records.

Abraham Metal Band

Today sees the release of the video for Vulvaire taken from new album. The band says about the video: “Vulvaire is taken from the third part of our album. After the collapse of the reign of man in part one, after the reclaim of vegetation in part two, part three depicts the era of the mycelium. It is a new era where lush vegetation has given way to a humongous sprawling mycelium, controlling all remaining life. The last form of collective consciousness has merged into a gigantic organism whose ultimate task is to purge the planet of the scoria of humanity. We wanted to experiment with songwriting and arrangements. Emerge some magical moments, hybrid forms of life and bizarre new signs of religiosity. Pierre captured all this and injected it into a weird psychedelic 3d animated video. What is happening here is indescribable and requires to forget about everything you ever expected from a „metal” video…“

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