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Exclusive: Spook the Horses Release New Video

Spook The Horses

Spook The Horses release video for Following Trails

Spook the Horses is an experimental, mercurial band from Wellington, New Zealand. They’ve been described as a band where every member can play every instrument – just imagine the freedom and innovation that go along with it!

The band’s most daring effort to date, ‘People Used to Live Here’, explores the natural and immediate. Written and conceived in relative isolation over several grim Southern Hemisphere winters, Spook The Horses are defining their own sonic trademark with this album: an atmosphere of quiet desolation, raw and real, desperate and unsettling: the post-apocalyptic soundtrack to abandoned places, where people used to live, at one point in time, long ago.

The band has just released a new video for one of the tracks, ‘Following Trails’, from ‘People Used to Live Here’.

Bassist, Alex Ross, says about the video: “The video is based upon a recollection of a dream, filmed within the house that the record People Used To Live Here was originally written – and is intended as both a literal and metaphorical reflection on ideas relating to the subjective limits of self, perspicacity and self-determinism.”

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